Strasburg council member Maddox resigns

Strasburg council member Shirley Maddox is going to resign from the council at the end of the year.

Maddox said Tuesday that she is leaving the council for “personal reasons” and is moving to Maryland. She did not elaborate on what those personal reasons are.

In her resignation letter, which Mayor Rich Orndorff read to the Northern Virginia Daily, Maddox stated that she was grateful to have worked on the council.

“It is with regret that I declare that personal reasons necessitate that I must resign my position on the Strasburg Town Council, effective December 31, 2017,” her letter states. “I deeply appreciate the opportunity I was provided to serve the citizens of Strasburg. Thank you for your understanding.”

Maddox was elected to the council in July 2016. She said that she joined council because she wanted to serve her community.

“It’s something that I had always wanted to do, was to serve,” Maddox said on Tuesday. “I volunteer in the community, I wanted to serve further in the community.”

Since joining the council, Maddox has chaired the infrastructure committee. During her time there, the committee voted to purchase an aeration system for a water tank in order to lower levels of chlorine byproducts in Strasburg’s water. The committee also voted to fund a reservoir cover for the Sandy Hook Reservoir.

“I hope that all of that work continues,” Maddox said. “The improvements to the infrastructure, I think, [are] really important to the Town of Strasburg.”

Orndorff praised Maddox’s work during the 18 months she served on the town council.

“I’m sad to see her go,” Orndorff said. “She was a welcome addition. She had a very thoughtful process and a very deliberate thinking, and she worked hard while she was here.”

After Maddox officially resigns at the end of the month,  the Town Council has 45 days to appoint a replacement. That replacement will serve until the next election in 2018.

The seat will then be up for election again in 2020 because Maddox’s term does not expire until June 30, 2020.

“Of course, it would be my hope that whoever would seek appointment would want to seek election for the seat,” Orndorff said.

Orndorff said that Strasburg will begin seeking applicants at the beginning of next year. The town will require that all of the applicants submit a letter of interest and an application to the town.