Two families claim remains from Sheriff’s Office

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office was able to bring some closure to two families during the Christmas holiday.

The families of Lester Tinsman, of Stephens City, and Lisa Shanholtzer, of Stephenson, contacted the department to claim the cremated remains of their family members that sat for two years in its property room, said Sheriff Lenny Millholland. The families called after seeing recent media accounts of the search and ceremony praying for the dead.

“If I got one I would have been happy but to get two. Now I am greedy and I would like to find homes for the others,” Millholland said. “I am tickled to death.”

Tinsman was 52 when he died in 2015. Shanholtzer was 44 when she died in 2015.

Shanholtzer family claimed her remains on Wednesday. Tinsman’s family should be claiming his remains soon, he said.

There are a variety of reasons remains go unclaimed, including not being aware of the death or not knowing they had the right to claim the loved one’s remains, Millholland said.

He stressed there is no charge to the families.

“We are just trying to find the families,” Millholland said. “This gives us all closure. When we have them they are not in their final resting spot.”

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is still looking for family members of:

  • John Henry Wahanquist, 62, died in 2003. His last known address was Mountain View Road, Stephenson.
  • Richard C. Allen, 59, died in 2010. His last known address was North Frederick Pike, Winchester.
  • Bryant White, 43, died in 2014. The last known address for White was Kimberly Way, Winchester.
  • Michael Standridge, 60, died in 2015. His last known address was Middle Lane, Gore.

The property room also houses the remains of two female homicide victims who have not been identified. One of the women was found in 1991 and the other was found in 2003.

Family members or anyone with information should contact the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office at 540-662-6162.