Carmeuse to create 67 jobs in Shenandoah County

Carmeuse Lime & Stone, a limestone producer, is planning an $8.7 million expansion that will create 67 jobs in Shenandoah County and 30 in its Frederick County facility over the next three years.

Based on these expectations, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership approved Carmeuse for its Virginia Jobs Investment Program, which helps private firms limit their payrolls by offering consulting services and funding directly to the companies.

As part of the partnership, Carmeuse will also be reimbursed $700 for each new full-time Virginia hire.

Carmeuse did not respond to requests for comment on this article.

“This is certainly exciting to see that addition of jobs here in our local community, and of course coming from an existing business that’s looking to expand,” said Jenna French, director of tourism and economic development for Shenandoah County.

French said that so much emphasis is placed on bringing in new businesses to the county but proactive, older businesses expanding their current operations may be even more beneficial.

“Everyone looks for scoring a new business to come into our own backyard, but sometimes these existing businesses, as they grow, it actually translates to more jobs for our local residents as opposed to new businesses coming in and relocating jobs from outside the community,” French said. “The existing businesses are the base that sustains us.”

In a statement, Shenandoah County Administrator Mary Beth Price stated the county would like to congratulate Carmeuse on both its expansion and its acceptance to the partnership.

“Carmeuse’s expansion includes $8.7 million in investment and marks the 2nd economic development announcement in 2 months for Shenandoah County after Shenandoah County also announced the arrival of Truck Vault to the Mount Jackson Industrial Park in November,” Price stated. “We are pleased to see growth and development in Shenandoah County and to support our existing businesses through this process.”