Familiar faces retain leadership of School Board

Karen Whetzel

The Shenandoah County Public School Board reappointed Karen Whetzel as its board chairman on Wednesday night.

She has been a member of the board for nine years, three of them as its  chair.

Whetzel spoke of an anonymous quote she felt was appropriate.

“We don’t always need to be what we were, we can be better,” Whetzel said.

But, she said she is proud of what they have been.

Richard Koontz

“Thank you for the work you all did last year. I am proud of our School Board,” she said.

She will oversee a board that will be involved with revising the school division’s Comprehensive Plan this year, as well as the Long Term Facilities Plan that they have accepted but not adopted.

The Comprehensive Plan is designed to provide guidance for the future of the school division. The plan reflects involvement from the School Board, superintendent, staff, principals, teachers, parents, and citizens. The document complies with the Standards of Quality as outlined by Virginia and is rooted in local school board philosophy.

In addition, the School Board was tasked with helping in school improvement plans for those schools not fully accredited.

Richard L. Koontz Jr. was reappointed vice chairman. He has been a member of the board for 15 years. During his time on the board he has been its vice chairman for five years and  chairman for six years.

“I think it’s about giving back to my community,” Koontz said. “I started when my kids were in school and now my four grandchildren are in school.”

Both members were unanimously voted back into their positions.

The board also voted unanimously to continue using Robin Heishman as clerk for the board and Tracy Landes as deputy clerk.

Board members Sonya Williams-Giersch and new board member Shelby Kline were appointed to serve on the Payment of Claims board – known as the bill paying committee.