Jail board sees proposed 2019 budget for RSW

Russell Gilkison

A proposed budget for fiscal year 2019 calls for the Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional jail to spend $14.22 million, a slight decrease of $100,000 from the 2018 budget.

Superintendent Russ Gilkison told the jail authority’s finance and personnel committee Thursday that the figures might change slightly when actual insurance and retirement rates are available. The regional jail used current figures in the proposal. A more finalized version will be sent to the committee members in February to again discuss. A final budget is expected to be voted on in March and then sent to the involved counties who need to finalize their budgets in April.

Gilkison said the new regional jail has been operating for three years and so he and his administrators are better able to anticipate needs and revenue for a consistent budget.

The budget calls for contributions of $4.1 million from Warren County, $2.8 million from Shenandoah County and about $465,000 from Rappahannock County for total contributions of slightly more than $7.3 million. Warren County’s payment represents 56 percent, Shenandoah County’s payment is 38 percent and Rappahannock County’s contribution is 6 percent of the proposed budget to operate the jail.

It is projected the state will contribute about $4.8 million of the jail’s funding.

Salary and benefits constitutes the largest expenditure for the jail in the proposed budget. The 2019 salary and benefit estimated cost of $8.668 million is $101,000 less than the previous year but that figure is expected to change as the new insurance and pension rates come in.

Gilkison said he hopes to be able to add another revenue source into his budget in the future.

Jail authority board members gave Gilkison permission to enter into negotiations with the Virginia Department of Corrections to accept prison inmates approved by the state and Gilkison for participation in a local work release program. He said most of the inmates are likely to have lived in this area before their incarceration.