Regional jail receives clean audit

The Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren County Jail has received a clean audit of its finances.

Auditor James Kelley of the firm Robinson, Farmer and Cox Associates presented the jail authority members  with the findings of his firm at a meeting Thursday.

The auditors gave the jail administration what Kelly called the highest finding the firm can present.

“We are very pleased with the finding,” said RSW Jail Superintendent Russ Gilkison.

RSW Jail Authority Chairman and Warren County Administrator Doug Stanley agreed.

“We’re very pleased with the progress the staff has made,” Stanley said “It’s nice to see a clean audit.”

The audit is an improvement from the January 2016 audit that found discrepancies between bank statements for fiscal year 2015 and the authority’s general ledger, the record that summarizes an organization’s financial transactions.

The accounting firm at that time made recommendations for tightening internal safeguards against what auditors called “strange,” “unusual,” or “suspicious” items.

The auditors this year submitted a written report that concluded the jail’s financial statements “present fairly, in all material respects, the respective financial position of the business-type activities and the aggregate remaining fund information of RSW Regional Jail Authority, as of June 30, 2017,” adding that accounting principles are being followed.

Kelly offered commentary to the board.

‘Continue to improve on putting internal controls in place. Document review and oversight by management,” Kelly said.

Gilkison said there are always ways to improve internal control and RSW jail staff and management follow the suggestions of the auditors.

“Segregation of duties in a small office setting can sometimes be a challenge if there is a vacancy but again if the auditor suggest an improvement to our internal controls, we will follow their suggestions,” Gilkison said.