‘All we needed was one another’ – Couple celebrates ‘extraordinary lifetime together’

Viola and Leroy Polk, of Edinburg, have been married 75 years. Viola Polk said the Lord has blessed them, adding “We never wanted anything more than we needed. And all we needed was one another.” Rich Cooley/Daily

EDINBURG – Leroy and Viola Polk said “I do” more than seven decades ago.

“It’s been an extraordinary lifetime together,” Viola Polk said. “A simple one, but extraordinary just that.”

Both born in the “hills of Virginia” as they refer to it, the couple were introduced to each other though family members.

“As soon as we met, we started courting,” Leroy Polk said. Two years later, they were engaged.

“One day we just decided we were going to get married,” she said. “And sure enough we did.”

Rich Cooley/Daily

In 1942 the couple tied the knot and haven’t looked back since.

“We had a rough start in life,” she said. “We didn’t have what young couples have today. We started the hard way – with nothing.”

They recall sitting on apple crates as make-shift chairs, washing in wash pans and firing up a wood stove daily.

“He could never get the fire going,” she said laughing. He added, “I couldn’t. It’ true.”

“So, I got up every morning and lit the fire,” she continued.

Laughter is something that has consistently been heard throughout the Polk house since the early days.

Leroy Polk said it’s because they are best friends. “I enjoy laughing with my best friend.”

With over 75 years behind them, the Polks both attest to the ups and downs of marriage.

“We would argue like all couples do,” she said. “But we never go to bed angry with one another.”

They both said their proudest moment was the adoption of their daughter, who is now 70. Other moments include vacations to the beach and time spent in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. But more than anything, they said they appreciate those quiet moments spent together.

As they’ve aged, both said the biggest struggle they’ve faced has been medical issues. Each has spent a fair amount of time in the hospital.

“The Lord has blessed us,” Viola Polk said. “We never wanted anything more than we needed. And all we needed was one another.”