Conservative talk show now broadcast in Shenandoah, Warren counties

The voices of conservative hosts such as Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are now more accessible than ever in Shenandoah and Warren counties.

Centennial Broadcasting began broadcasting NewsTalk 1400 WINC on WZFC (104.9) Thursday out of Strasburg. Operations manager Mike Herald said the station can now be heard throughout the two counties — he’s had reports from people nearly as far south as Harrisonburg saying they can still listen in.

“We feel this format, this conservative talk format, is going to resonate really well, and we’ve always had a lot of interest outside of Winchester,” Herald said. “It’s something we’re excited about doing. We thought about it for quite some time, and so today we made it happen.”

Previously, Centennial broadcast NewsTalk on WINC-AM in Winchester. That signal was sufficient for reaching local audiences, but not enough to penetrate deeper into the valley.

“The AM signal itself has always done a really good job of covering the Winchester area, and so the idea behind FM, on 104.9, was to give us a little better coverage in the southern part of the valley there, and Shenandoah and Warren counties,” Herald said. “The idea is to blanket the valley a little bit better.”

Politically, expanding the conservative talk show’s coverage area was a natural fit. Warren and Shenandoah counties went solidly red in both the 2017 gubernatorial election and the 2016 presidential election, voting for the Republican in each by at least a 30-point margin.

By contrast, Winchester has been an island of blue amid the red sea, voting for both Hillary Clinton and Ralph Northam.

“That’s why we did it. We kind of feel like the conservative lean of a lot of the hosts on NewsTalk are going to resonate really well with the folks here in the valley,” Herald said. “I think, just in general, the political climate is such that Mr. Trump has made things very exciting. A think a lot of folks are attracted — even folks who may not be necessarily very conservative — I think they like the idea of what’s topical, and what’s topical is, you know, politics.”

Centennial started broadcasting NewsTalk out of Strasburg on Thursday at midnight.

“Centennial Winchester is excited about the prospects of extending the reach of our highly regarded NewsTalk 1400 station programming further south in the Shenandoah Valley utilizing the powerful WZFC signal,” said market manager Larry Weiss. “This move will allow us to extend the news talk brand, including our roster of well-established national hosts, south of Winchester into the Warren and Shenandoah County areas.”

Centennial previously simulcast the country music station True Apple Country on both WZFC and WXBN (105.5). True Apple County continues to be aired on WXBN.