Couple: ‘Marry your best friend’

Tonya and Allen Sibert married in 1991 and now have two children who keep them young and on their toes. Ashley Miller/Daily

WINCHESTER – Allen and Tonya Sibert met by chance in the early 1980s at the movies.

“She just happened to pick the right chair,” Allen Sibert said.

Tonya Sibert added, “I certainly did.”

Friendship brought the couple together.

“On our first official date, he sent me 13 roses,” Tonya Sibert said. “Thirteen because he wanted to show his sincerity while being unique and different.”

Her husband jokingly added that there was no Google or Pinterest back then.  “I had to use my own thinker.”

In 1991, the couple said “I do.”

They admit they didn’t follow the typical married-life path most couples do, partly because they wanted to enjoy their time together and partly because of Allen Sibert’s job as a police officer.

“My big thing is people think when they get married everything is going to be perfect,” Tonya Sibert said. “But not everything is.”

Tragedy struck in 1995 when she was in a horrific car crash that nearly took her life. Her husband said that when he got the call, “they told me to get to the hospital as fast as possible because they didn’t think she was going to make it.

“All I remember is thinking to myself I can’t lose my best friend.”

His wife said she doesn’t remember much from the accident, but she said that just knowing that her husband was with her was enough.

“There comes a point in life when you have to find your best friend first,” Tonya Sibert said. “When you’ve found your best friend, you know you’ve found your soulmate.”

The couple have two children together who they say keep them young and on their toes.

“Heavens, we’re not old,” Tonya Sibert said. “We just picked a different path for ourselves. So, while our friends are watching their children graduate, we’re going to Disney World with ours. It’s just how God laid out our life for us.”