Couples share tips for successful marriage

There’s more to a successful marriage than simply liking the person. It takes hard work, communication, commitment and love to make a marriage last well past its first year.  Here are some suggestions on how to stay happily married from couples who, together, have been married for 248 years:

Christine Furneisen: “A sense of humor,” “My husband has this incredibly dry sense of humor that took me over five years to understand. But I wouldn’t change it for the world now.”

Craig Furneisn: “No matter what may have happened, I never let her stay mad. I like her smile too much.”

Tonya Siber: “Marriage has its ups and its downs. People need to develop themselves before they can develop with a partner.”

Allen Sibert: “You have to find your best friend first. All the excitement comes later.”

Viola Polk: “Never go to bed mad at one another, because you never know what tomorrow may bring.”

Leroy Polk: “Laughter is the best medicine. It cures any and all aliments.”

Eunice Taylor: “The biggest key is communication. Whether through your partner or through God.”

John Taylor: “Learn to value the person you married for who they are. Appreciate them, flaws and all.”

Patti Solenberger: “Cherish the time spent together. No matter how big or how small.”