Historic Woodstock building purchased

Karl Roulston

The historic former First Bank property in Woodstock at Main and Court streets has been sold.

Karl Roulston, Regulus Group partner and co-founder who is also a Shenandoah County supervisor, finalized the purchase of the building at 100 N. Main St. on Jan. 30.

“I bought the building really to allow expansion space for Regulus Group. We are rather tightly packed into our current office on (238) Main Street,” Roulston said.

There are 12 employees and an entire room of electronics, such as routers, servers, switches.

Roulston said he could have purchased office space anywhere.

“But I wanted to be on Main Street in Woodstock,” he said. “I enjoy watching the Christmas parade from our window, and from the bank building I will be able to see the parade and the lighting of the town Christmas tree. I also like the building. It has some rough spots, but it is almost 100 years old and I think the space is really interesting.”

He said the upstairs offices have 14 foot ceilings with wide old-school frosted half glass doors and operational transom windows above the doors.

“The actual offices are large, so we will fit in nicely,” Roulston said.

The move is estimated to take at least 6 months. He plans to temporarily set up Regulus on the first floor. The Shenandoah Valley Music Festival uses space on the second floor.

“I do not want to just bounce the existing tenants, so we are orchestrating moving the existing tenant to our current Regulus office space with as little conflict or interruptions to the tenant as well as Regulus,” he said.

Renovation will take some time. Roulston said the downstairs needs to be renovated with an open floor plan, a private conference room and the addition of a restroom.

The upstairs needs updated with new flooring, a bathroom renovation and an additional break room.

He said he is still struggling with how to incorporate the vault and the drive through into the Regulus operations.

“I mean, I now own a vault, how cool is that? There must be some way to incorporate it into Regulus operations, other than storing office supplies,” Roulston said.

Regulus has 165 employees but recently won a support contract for 11 more full time positions. The Woodstock office is Regulus corporate headquarters with 12 employees and handles payroll, finances, IT support, human resources and contracts.

Roulston is partners in the Woodstock Brewhouse, Pollywog Place, Box Office Brewery in Strasburg, and Zuben LLC, a rental property holding company.