Icy weather closed some schools this week

Tuesday’s inclement weather prompted school closings for some area school districts.

Frederick and Shenandoah county public schools closed for the day as ice coated the roads. Warren County Public Schools called for a two-hour delay.

“Today marked the fourth day this school year that Frederick County Public Schools have been closed due to inclement weather,” said Steve Edwards, coordinator of Policy and Communications for Frederick County Public Schools.

The district built in five days into the calendar, he said.

“If more than five days are missed during the year, calendar adjustments may be necessary to assure that we remain in compliance with Virginia code,” Edwards said.

Virginia code established the length of the school year as 180 days or 990 hours.

A school, if necessary, can add days to the end of the calendar year, reschedule professional days (teacher days) as a school day or reschedule other days off as a school day.

Shenandoah County Public Schools also closed on Tuesday due to the extended icing.

“Today is our third snow day,” Superintendent Mark Johnston said, adding that he feels the district is in good shape to make it through the winter.

“But that being said, we have historically had big storms in later February or March that can cause disruptions. We are also subject to spring flooding in our county, which has been known to disrupt schedules into May,” Johnston said.

He estimates they have about 10 more days the district can miss before makeup days are needed.

Warren County Public Schools has closed two days so far.

“We have one more built into the calendar and four others that could be used instead of a spring break,” said Superintendent Greg Drescher.

He said normally those seven days available to them is adequate to cover necessary closings but if need be they will add instructional school days to the end of the year.