Mailed with love: Couple credits falling in love to letters written during Korean War

John and Eunice Taylor read their pen pal letters to one another. They wrote to each other while John Taylor was in the Army during the Korean War. Ashley Miller/Daily

WOODSTOCK – John and Eunice Taylor’s story started like a scene straight out of a Hollywood film.

“Back then when your mother or aunt asked you to write a letter,” Eunice Taylor said, “You wrote a letter.”

And that’s how the 65-year relationship between the couple started – as pen pals.

“We had never met when my aunt asked Eunice to start writing to me,” John Taylor said.

He said they wrote to one another daily. But little did she know that her future husband was also corresponding with another female friend. “That’s just how it was back then,” he said. “But I knew Eunice was the gal for me even before we met.”

The couple credits their  love story to their letters.

“I guess I did fall in love with her through them,” he said, smiling. “I had never thought about it that way until now.”

Their letters contained news of birthdays, weather, family events and stories of war. No detail was too detailed for the couple.

“Corresponding with someone you didn’t know back then wasn’t that easy,” Eunice Taylor said. “At times I wasn’t sure what to write. So, I wrote about what made the most sense. He probably thought I was babbling a lot.”

After his return and discharge from the Army, John Taylor proposed and three months later, on Christmas Day 1952, they said “I do.”

The couple started out in a one bedroom apartment in Strasburg. After the birth of their first child and up to their fifth, they  moved around to various towns in and around Shenandoah County, including Woodstock.

Health over-the-years has not been an easy road for Eunice Taylor. But with her husband by her side, she said she knows that she can get through anything. They also credit their faith, something that they both said has helped then through their struggles.

“On Mondays he cooks me pancakes,” she said. “It’s something we’ve done for a number of years. And it’s something we plan on doing for the rest of our years or as long as God allows us to.”

Correction: This story and headline have been corrected. The name of the war in the “Mailed with love” story in Wednesday’s paper was provided incorrectly. It should have read the Korean War and not World War II.