Man accused of trying to run over officer remains in jail

Michael Lewis II

FRONT ROYAL – A town man accused of trying to run over a sheriff’s deputy after a motor vehicle crash remains in jail without bond.

Michael Wayne Lewis II stands charged with attempted capital murder of a law enforcement officer, a first offense of driving while intoxicated, felony eluding and misdemeanor fleeing from law enforcement. Lewis, 40, of 144 Chester St., appeared in Warren County General District Court on Tuesday.

The judge scheduled Lewis’ next court appearance for April 11.

A criminal complaint filed in the case by Lt. Charles F. Brogan, identified as the  victim in the attempted capital murder charge, provides more details in the case. Brogan and Capt. Gordon T. Foster of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office responded to a vehicle crash on John Marshall Highway at approximately 2:35 p.m. Friday. Emergency dispatchers received reports of a male running into traffic at the scene, according to the criminal complaint filed with Lewis’ charges.

Brogan and Foster approached the scene traveling in an unmarked Sheriff’s Office vehicle while wearing their uniforms with badges displayed, the affidavit states. Brogan stepped out of Foster’s vehicle from the passenger side and started to walk toward the vehicles on the westbound shoulder facing west at 2097 John Marshall Highway.

The front bumper of a Pontiac four-door car was close to the rear bumper of a Nissan pickup truck. Brogan states that he saw the Pontiac reverse with its wheels turning to the left, backing to the right, as if the driver planned to pull away. Brogan states he put his left hand up with the palm facing forward and then yelled at the suspect to stop.

“The suspect smiled at me, making eye contact, and accelerated very rapidly at me,” the affidavit states. “I was afraid for my life and was thinking I was going to have to shoot the suspect.

“I drew my firearm and moved to the left to avoid being struck by the suspect’s vehicle,” Brogan adds. “Deputy M.A. Robinson saw the vehicle attempt to strike me and performed a U-turn on the suspect vehicle. Captain Foster and I started to get back in his vehicle when I heard a piece of metal hit the ground as the suspect vehicle passed us.”

Lewis faces 20 years to life in prison plus a fine of up to $100,000 if convicted of the Class 2 felony of attempted capital murder of a law-enforcement officer.