Middletown patriot remembered

MIDDLETOWN – A 12-year-old boy who participated in the Rev0lutionary War as a member of George Washington’s army was commemorated Monday night at a Town Council meeting.

The commemoration took the form of a memento that Larry Johnson, a member of the James Wood charter of the Sons of the American Revolution, presented to the Middletown mayor and the council.

The chapter placed a marker reading “This is a patriot” on the grave site of Jacob Danner, who as a 12 year old was a drummer boy with Washington’s army during the war.

“That was a dangerous occupation. They tried to shoot the drummers because they gave the signals for movement,” Johnson said.

The memento presented was a placard detailing Danner’s history and his grave marker.

Danner moved to Middletown, when it was called Senseney, sometime after the war ended, Johnson said. Danner made his home there and married the daughter of the town’s founder. He died in 1850 and is buried in Mount Carmel cemetery on Third Street in Middletown, Johnson said.

Johnson encouraged those at the meeting to tell the area stories of the revolution.

“I know here the Civil War is big but the Revolutionary War gave us our freedom,” Johnson said.