Police charge teen with peeping, recording video at tanning salon

WOODSTOCK – Authorities say a Shenandoah County man recorded video of a naked woman through a peephole at a tanning salon last month.

Woodstock police charged Eric Lee Fadely, 18, of Stuffel Rock Lane, Edinburg, with two counts of filming a non-consenting nude person and one count of peeping or spying in dwelling or enclosure. Each charge is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to 12 months in jail. Fadely, free on his personal recognizance, is scheduled to appear in Shenandoah County General District Court on March 19.

Court records show Fadely’s charge of peeping and one count of filming a non-consenting nude person stems from a Jan. 5 incident. The second charge of filming a nude person occurred on Jan. 22, court records show.

Woodstock police Officer J.D. Wilberger arrested Fadely on Jan. 29. Wilberger states in a criminal complaint filed in the case that he was dispatched on Jan. 22 for a report of a male, later identified as the accused, who was videotaping patrons of a tanning salon who were sunbathing nude. Wilberger states he obtained a confession from Fadely and also seized a cell phone as part of the investigation. Wilberger states he asked if any more videos existed on the phone. Fadely said there were no other videos, the complaint states. Investigators executed a search warrant on the phone and discovered a video of the alleged victim showing her breasts exposed.

“This video was obtained through a hole in what appears to be a wall of the tanning booth,” the complaint states. “This video was taken clandestinely and the victim stated she did not give consent.”

Wilburger states in a separate criminal complaint that he was dispatched to Shenandoah Video and Tan for a report of unlawful filming. The adult female victim stated that she exited the tanning booth and saw the accused filming her while nude, Wilberger adds in the complaint. Wilberger states that he spoke to Fadely who said he had created three videos of the victim without her consent while she was nude.

A checklist used by a magistrate to determine bail filed with the court indicates that Fadely had worked at Shenandoah Video and Tan in Woodstock until he was fired from that job on Jan. 22. The checklist indicates Fadely is a senior in high school. The magistrate notes that Fadely cooperated with police, has strong ties to the community and seems to have concrete plans for the future.