School bus driver is back to work

A Shenandoah County Public School bus driver is back to work driving a school bus after an investigation into an incident at the end of January involving a child on her bus.

The incident, according to two parents who had children on the bus, allegedly involved the driver dragging a first-grader to a seat. The driver is also alleged to have verbally attacked other children who tried to intervene.

Superintendent Mark Johnston confirmed the driver is back to work and is driving a different route.

Johnston said investigators watched bus video, which has sound, and found some discrepancy in the stories.

“When students report what happens they are reporting from their perspective. Video is more fact-based,” Johnston said.

Johnston declined to discuss what the video revealed. He declined to release the video, citing the personnel records exception to public records law.

Student safety is of the district’s utmost concern, he said.

Johnston also declined to discuss whether the driver faced any disciplinary measures as a result of the investigation.

“While I can’t comment on a personnel matter, our policies identify a number of possible responses to employee investigations, which, if founded, the most severe of which is a recommendation for termination,” he said.