Woodstock makes plans for new ‘wayfinding’ signs

Woodstock town officials are working on developing new “wayfinding” signs to direct visitors and town residents to places of interest.

“We hope to have them planned and installed during the summer,” said Katie Mercer, town enhancement coordinator.

Existing signs are more than 10 years old and need to be updated.

The town has budgeted $28,000 for the project, Mercer said. Last week the state informed the town it had been awarded a $7,000 grant, the maximum amount.

“That will help chip away at the cost,” she said.

The town is in the early process of deciding what the signs will look like, their colors, what destinations will be on the signs and where the signs will be located.

“They will be bigger, brighter and bold,” she said.

Town officials hope it might even be beneficial to residents.

“Explore your own community,” Mercer said.