Community donations support The Potter House

Lucy Beaty, Butch Hammond, and Pam Williams, the creative minds behind  The Potter House, say they are grateful to the many people who have made what was once just a dream become a reality.

“We really weren’t sure how this idea would pan out,” Hammond said. “But with a little faith and direction from God, here we are. Serving the women who need us most.”

Due to the community rallying behind them, the trio has been able to provide the necessary items to the women and children currently residing in the home provided by a local church.

“Women who have escaped a situation like domestic violence typically leave everything behind,” Hammond said. “They usually need everything, even down to the most basic essentials.”

Williams added that they provide whatever the women need.

The Potter House accepts donations that include gift cards, soap, paper towels, toilet paper, canned food, local produce, journals and other office-like supplies.

“Every day is different,” Williams said. “We never know what we might need.”

Beaty said the biggest expense, excluding utilities and heat, is food.

“We try to have nutritious meals three times a day,” she said. “Not only does that help them but it teaches the women the proper way to care for themselves and their children.”

Donations are accepted at TLC Settlement, 413 South St., in Front Royal.

The group asks that anybody making donations call ahead at 540-636-0055 to see what items are needed.

The Potter House is sponsored by A Ministry of Faithworks Inc., a 501(c)3 organization.