Gas spill leads to a moment with ‘Walking Dead’ actor

Norman Reedus, left, who plays Daryl Dixon on AMC's "The Walking Dead", poses for a photo with Middletown police officer Brian Thomas on Friday. Courtesy photo

MIDDLETOWN – Drama followed a television actor into town on Friday, but no one walked away dead.

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”,  stopped in Middletown on Friday afternoon at the 7-Eleven at Main Street and Reliance Road to get gas and snacks. He stayed a bit longer than planned when the mechanism to shut off the flow of gas into his vehicle failed and a spill of about 5 gallons of gas occurred, according to Middletown police officer Brian Thomas, who responded to the scene along with Middletown firefighters.

“I was finishing up on a stop so I thought I would check on them,” Thomas said Monday.

“As I pulled in I saw a guy in black with his back to me and employees who had their cellphone out. I thought, ‘that looks like Daryl from ‘The Walking Dead’. I got out and said, ‘Hey Daryl,’ joking,” Thomas said.

Turns out Thomas was correct.

Reedus was very nice and apologetic, Thomas said.

“I asked him what brought him to little Middletown and he said he needed gas,” Thomas said.

Reedus, was traveling from New York, where he had been visiting family, to Georgia to begin filming season 9 of the popular TV series.

“I asked him if he was traveling with anyone and he said ‘No, just my cat,'” Thomas said.

Reedus went inside to pay for the gas, to get snacks (even a can of cat food, according to social media posts) and then left to continue his trip.

Employees of 7-Eleven on Monday were not permitted to talk about their brush with the celebrity.