County to poll neighborhood on sanitary district

FRONT ROYAL – Warren County leaders plan to ask a neighborhood if homeowners want to maintain their status as a sanitary district.

The Board of Supervisors discussed the future of the Lake Front Royal Sanitary District at a work session this week. South River Supervisor Linda Glavis suggested that the county survey property owners again to gauge their feelings about the neighborhood’s inclusion as a sanitary district. Glavis noted that a couple of years ago the board supported the sanitary district’s creation even though the majority of property owners polled by the county did not. The district is in Glavis’ district.

No one from the Lake Front Royal property owners’ association attended the work session. The association fought to abolish the sanitary district but failed to find enough support from the Board of Supervisors two years ago. A Warren County Circuit Court judge created the district based on a petition by residents.

The supervisors voted against joining a petition signed by property owners seeking the abolition of the district. However, the board agreed to revisit and reassess the sanitary district after two years.

Deputy County Administrator Robert Childress first provided an update on the county’s activities with the district to the supervisors that included a list of maintenance work on the neighborhood’s roads.

The county, through its operation of the sanitary district, bears responsibility for maintenance and improvements to the neighborhood’s 6 1/2 miles of roads and common areas in the community.

The administrative duties assumed by the county include financial reporting and oversight of collecting tax revenue from the property owners and spending the money as budgeted. The county has maintained a collection rate of 92 percent or greater. The county spent approximately $55,520 of the $144,585 in the district’s fiscal 2017 budget. The district had more than $100,000 in excess funds in fiscal 2017 set aside for future needs.