Middletown offices moving back to Church Street

Middletown administrators are expecting to move the town offices back into 7875 Church Street and reopen them Wednesday.

“We are excited. We did this for the long haul. We hope the town hall will serve the citizens for 40 to 50 years,” said Mayor Charles Harbaugh.

Town offices will be closed on Monday and Tuesday to allow for the move

The town budgeted a total of $500,000 from the current and next fiscal year to pay for renovations to the original city hall.

Town offices have been at the current building at 7735 Main Street for about a year. The town purchased the building last year for $219,900 to act as temporary city offices.

The historic building on Church Street is 150 years old. Mold forced the move to Main Street to allow for it to be safely removed.

The building was gutted and the space reconfigured. A new roof was installed, as well as other work, making the building watertight.

The public walking into the new offices will first see the clerk’s office. The town manager’s office and zoning department will also be on the first floor.

The Police Department will remain on Main Street, utilizing the entire building. Middletown Police Chief Gary Benedict Jr. had argued that a town’s police department needed to be in a visible, easily accessible location — usually on a town’s Main Street. He also made a case that the department needed more room.

“This gives us a lot more room. This set up will last the town for the foreseeable future,” Benedict said.

Some offices at the Police Department will move downstairs, including Benedict’s office as well as administrative assistant Tyler Smith.

The department has room for more offices upstairs if it should hire a couple more officers in the future. They can also create an interview room on the upper floor. They will have more room for evidence storage and police equipment.