Shenandoah River flooding, forcing alerts and road closures

Work crews saw a large tree on the private bridge at Black Bear Crossing along the Shenandoah River east of Maurertown on Monday evening. Residents of the private subdivision had been stranded since Thursday due to high water. Most area roads were open Monday after floodwaters receded over the weekend. Rich Cooley/Daily

The Shenandoah River rose above flood stage this morning, forcing road closures.

Shenandoah County Fire and Rescue Chief Tim Williams said rain that fell on Rockingham County on Monday night made its way up the river and caused flooding in Shenandoah County’s North Fork area.

“We did have one gentleman who drove his car into the water on Quicksburg Road where it crosses the river in Quicksburg. He self-rescued before we got there. He got himself out of his vehicle and onto dry land. Do not drive into standing water, the power of water is phenomenal,” Williams said.

Areas are still under flash flooding warnings, but waters appear to be starting to recede, according to the staff at the National Weather Service who are keeping an eye on the situation.

Brandon Fling, a meteorologist with the service’s Sterling office, said Rockingham County saw 6 to 7 inches of rainfall overnight.

The river near Mount Jackson crested at 15 feet about 10 a.m. today. Flood stage is 13 feet, Fling said.

Water in the Quickburg area rose rapidly, he said.

“The river there was about 4.5 feet just before 9 p.m. Monday. By 2:30 a.m. it was at 17 feet. That is a huge rise over six hours,” Fling said.

More rain is in today’s forecast, but it is expected to fall slowly enough not to cause much more flooding in an already swollen river.

“Once we get through today, it is expected to dry up the next couple days,” Fling said.

Ken Slack, a spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Transportation, said that as of 11:30 a.m. there were 15 roads closed, mostly in Shenandoah County- North Fork area.

In Shenandoah County 13 roads are closed. They are:

  • Route 11 (Old Valley Pike) from Rt. 730 to Rt. 263
  • Route 611 (Supinlick Ridge Road) from Rt. 701 to Rt. 717
  • Route 617 (River Road) from Rt. 728 to Rockingham Co line
  • Route 620 (Smith Creek Road) from Rt. 737 to Rt. 732
  • Route 698 (Red Banks Road) from Rt. 11 to Rt. 699
  • Route 701 (Dellinger Gap Road) from Rt. 611 to Rt. 717
  • Route 720 (Wissler Road) from Rt. 11 to Rt. 950
  • Route 736 (Jiggidy Road) from Rt. 617 to Rt. 616
  • Route 767 (Quicksburg Road) from Rt. 827 to Rt. 616
  • Route 953 from Rt. 211W to Rt. 728
  • Route 609 (S. Hollingsworth Road) from Rt. 670 to Rt. 670

In Warren County, roads closed as of 11:30 a.m. are Route 667 (Lupton Road) and Route 672 (Chapman’s Landing Road).