What mom really wants for Mother’s Day, explained in her own words

Janice Copeland with her husband Dan and son Zachary. Courtesy photo

Gifts aside, local moms shared what they really want for Mother’s Day.

Renee Krejci, of Stephens City: “To go to breakfast or brunch with my hubby and kids. Or sometimes they make me breakfast in bed.”

Jessi Edwards, of Winchester: “To pee, eat or nap without being interrupted by, ‘Hey Mom!'”

Melissa Harlan, of Winchester: “I guess only being a mom for 5.5 days and just getting out of the (neonatal intensive care unit), I want time with my baby. He is the best gift I could ever ask for, and nothing else would come close. The NICU nurse told my husband that diamonds are always a great idea for Mother’s Day when we were leaving.”

Gale Shaffer, of Woodstock: ” I want a coupon book of a dozen pages each worth 30 minutes of playing with my hair.”

Tiffany Ford, center, with extended family. Courtesy photo

Sarah Heselton, of Strasburg: “To eat a eat a meal without a baby attached to my arm or leg.”

Michelle Miller, of Winchester: “Either my roommate or kitty to make me dinner.”

Debbie Ritenour of Strasburg: “A day without cooking or cleaning.”

Tiffany Ford, of Boyce:  “A hot bath with a good book and a huge goblet of sangria. And an hour of everyone leaving me alone. My mother-in-law has asked for help with projects around the house. Once you can buy what you want, time with people is far more valuable than anything else.”

Janice Copeland, of Winchester: “A handwritten card from those who love me!”

Lori Sharp with her two children Zachary and Natalie. Courtesy photo

Mary Terry, of Winchester: “Time with my daughters and grandchildren.”

Tiffany Hockman, of Strasburg: “A day with my family, to feel appreciated and some flowers and mulch.”

Shana Kim Grove, of Winchester: “Time with my son, daughter and two precious grandkids. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, as long as we’re together.”

Lori Sharp, of Winchester: “A nap!”

Jes King, of Stephens City: “Literally anything that makes my boy smile is perfect. As moms, we realize our houses are too full of stuff already. And let me get sappy but being a mom is a gift itself. The older I get, my treasures can’t be bought: love and making memories.”

Lori Crabill, of Strasburg: “I told my kids I wanted a blanket with their pictures on it. What I should say, though, is I really told my husband, since I know the girls will ask him. But being able to spend time with them is the best.”

Serena Brontide, of Winchester: “I’m hoping to take my son to pick tulips at Burnside Farms. That quality time is more than enough.”