Car plows into insurance companies

Matt Helsley, owner of Wightman Insurance, and two employees were hard at work Thursday when a car plowed through one of the office’s interior walls. 

The office building, located at 127 S. Main St. in Edinburg, houses two insurance agencies. Helsley explained that the car was southbound on Stoney Creek Boulevard, which comes to a dead end on Main Street. He said it drove through the dead end and into the office building around 3:45 p.m.

Helsley said the car entered the building through the neighboring Wightman Crop Insurance, which was unoccupied, and proceeded to smash through the wall of Wightman Insurance.

Helsley said the impact sounded like an explosion and the crushed wall resulted in a cloud of plaster which briefly rendered him unable to see.

“I didn’t know what happened, things were flying everywhere,” Helsley said. “I think the lord was looking out for us.”

Helsley said one employee, Corialise Pence, was particularly lucky when flying fragments of a table and chair narrowly missed her station. He said had those fragments, some of which ended up jammed in the wall, hit Pence she would have been seriously injured.

“She didn’t even get a scratch on her. We’re very, very lucky,” Helsley said.

Helsley said the driver looked shocked, and even though he did not appear injured, was transported by ambulance to a hospital. He added he is not sure whether the driver would be charged, but imagined that he would be. He said responding agencies included the Virginia State Police, the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office and the Edinburg Fire Department.

Helsey thanked all of the citizens who helped clean up and said the business was still operating out of the location on Friday.