Charterhouse School has new principal

Kimberli Collett

United Methodist Family Services has named Kimberli Collett as principal of Charterhouse School in Edinburg, replacing Tonya Salley-Goodwin.

Collett found out last month she was selected as the new principal and has since been meeting with stakeholders and officials. She began her new job Monday.

“I was very excited. I am very happy to be able to work in my area,” Collett said

She was able to give Matthew’s House in Manassas, where she was its executive director, six weeks notice.

Charterhouse School, which is operated by United Methodist Family Services, provides specialized therapeutic education for elementary, middle and high school students struggling with emotional, behavioral or developmental challenges, and students with autism or other neurology differences. The school aims to help students reach their goals of graduation or returning to a public school setting, according to a statement released by United Methodist Family Services.

Matthew’s House does similar work but is more focused on those with autism, Collett said. She worked there for seven years and before that at Grafton in Berryville for 15 years, where she dealt with those with mental health challenges.

“Everything I learned in my past two job opportunities prepared me for this job,” Collett said.

As she did at Matthew’s House, Collet will be responsible for Charterhouse School, including overseeing the academic program, fundraising, and the facilities.

An important part of her strategy will be building partnerships and relationships with other school officials and with community leaders.

Collett anticipates for the first three months meeting with staff and others about the needs of the localities they serve, how the school did in meeting those needs, what they need to improve and what they do well to then adjust the work they do to meet those needs.

“The adage it takes a village is true. No one can work in isolation,” Collett said.