Man stunned, arrested in domestic fight case

Richard Crouch

FRONT ROYAL – Warren County authorities had to stun a man they arrested Friday morning when responding to a report of domestic violence.

Richard Matthew Crouch, 35, of 258 Running Bear Court, Front Royal, remains incarcerated at Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail on charges of domestic assault and battery and felony possession of a firearm while the subject of a protective order.

Warren County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Micoli Devin stated in a criminal complaint filed in Warren County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court that he responded to a report of an assault and battery at 258 Running Bear Court. The alleged victim told the deputy that Crouch hit her in the face with the butt of a gun and smashed the windshield of her car, Devin stated in the complaint.

Devin and Deputy C. Clatterbuck started to search for the suspect from his last known location and found a man later identified as Crouch lying face down in the woods, the complaint states. The deputies ordered Crouch to show his hands. Crouch did not comply, the complaint states. Devin  placed his hand on the suspect’s left arm and told Crouch he was under arrest, the deputy stated. Crouch then pulled away from the deputy and ran through the woods, according to the complaint.

“When I caught up with him, I gave him several orders to put his hands behind his back, he did not comply,” the complaint states. “Deputy Clatterbuck gave him several orders as well to put his hand behind his back or he would be Tazed.”

Devin states that emergency dispatchers told him that a protective order was in place on Crouch. The suspect smelled of alcohol and his eyes appeared glassy and bloodshot, the deputy states.

A checklist used by a magistrate to determine bail states that Crouch has several misdemeanor convictions and a deferred disposition on a felony unauthorized use of a vehicle. The magistrate had Crouch ordered held at the jail without bond, noting that he is “accused of committing very violent acts; hitting the victim with a shotgun, smashing a windshield.” The magistrate states that the accused denies committing the alleged offenses and that Crouch says the victim does not live with him. Crouch claimed he was playing horseshoes and was sleeping in the woods on his property, the checklist states. Crouch also claimed that the victim suffered from “serious mental issues” and that he neither owns nor has seen a firearm in his house.