Salon worker charged with filming child in bathroom

Hieu Nguyen

WOODSTOCK – A Shenandoah County nail salon worker remains jailed on charges that he filmed a 13-year-old girl in the business’ bathroom last week.

Hieu Chi Nguyen, 22, of 216 Kim Court, Woodstock, stands charged with attempting to prepare or produce child pornography in which the subject is under the age of 15 and the accused is 7 or more years older that the subject; and knowingly and intentionally creating a video or still image of a non-consenting person under the age of 18 in which the person is nude, clad in undergarments or in a state of undress, in a restroom or other location where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Authorities arrested Nguyen on Saturday – two days after the alleged incidents took place.

Woodstock police investigator T.J. Pence states in a criminal complaint that he responded on Friday to a report of unlawful filming at Pro-Nails, 495 W. Reservoir Road, Woodstock.

“I had been advised that the victim … had used the bathroom here yesterday and found an iPhone filming her,” the complaint states. “The accused had let her in the bathroom after going in it himself first.

“The accused admitted to filming when asked and showed me the bathroom in question,” the complaint adds. “He then found the cup in the trashcan beside the toilet that had the hole cut in it to film through.”

The victim said she deleted the video from the phone before leaving the bathroom and the accused confirmed this when asked, the complaint states. He said he watched the video once from his deleted folder before deleting it from there himself.

“When he showed me this I noticed numerous other ‘upskirt’ photographs on his camera roll which he admitted were unaware customers of his nail salon,” the complaint states.

A checklist used by a magistrate to determine if the defendant should receive bail states Nguyen works at Pro Nails and has family in the county. The magistrate held Nguyen without bail, noting that a presumption against bond exists given the accusations.