Drescher steps down as EDA chairman

Greg Drescher

FRONT ROYAL – Greg Drescher announced Friday that he is stepping down as chairman of the Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority during the board’s meeting.

Drescher, who is also Warren County Public Schools superintendent, said his primary attention should be focused on the schools. He said no School Board members requested that he step down, adding he intends to remain an active EDA board member.

He noted in a written statement that neither of his work duties “suffered in the least” but “there were times it has taken some juggling.”

Drescher said the EDA chairmanship was intended as a short-term role upon assuming the position in June 2016. He added that it was necessary to fill the position with the deaths of board members Jim Eastham and Patty Wines.

“I honestly don’t think this is a big deal, I’m still on the board,” Drescher said. “We are a very cohesive board, we work well together, the new members just needed some time to get their feet wet and learn more about what this board does and how it operates.”

When asked, he said the decision has nothing to do with EDA Executive Director Jennifer McDonald’s Oct. 31  hearing on a misdemeanor count of allegedly filing a false police report.

The announcement came at the end of the board’s meeting after a closed session.

Freedom of Information Act exemptions cited as reasons for the closed session included discussion concerning a prospective business or industry or expansion of an existing business or industry where no previous announcement was made; consultation with legal counsel; and the potential hiring of a part-time marketing director.

McDonald and Drescher both said his decision was not discussed in closed session.

The media was not present for the announcement because Drescher said no decisions would be made based on closed session. The announcement, he said later in the afternoon, was part of the agenda item listed as “new business.”

“It wasn’t meant to hide anything,” he said.

Although “new business” is listed on the agenda, it did not cite any announcement or decision.

McDonald said the board will hold a special vote before its September meeting to select a new chairman.