‘Good energy’ on first day back at LFCC

Kristen Ryan, 17, left, and Lauren Seelinger, 18, right, both of Winchester, walk outside the Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown on Monday, which was the first day of classes for the fall semester. Ryan is starting her freshman year and Seelinger is a sophomore. Rich Cooley/Daily

MIDDLETOWN – Monday was a good day for the 2,782 students who began classes for the 2018-2019 school year at Lord Fairfax Community College.

“It went smooth. It was good energy. Despite the weather, it is sunny inside. Enrollment numbers are up. It is going to be a good year,” said college President Kim Blosser.

One of those thousands of students was Kaiana Lee, 18, of Stephens City. She began her sophomore year with a psychology class. She was sitting at her laptop in the Dolores Sekel Art Museum looking over her first assignment before her next class.

Her advice to other students, especially freshman, is to be disciplined and focused on coursework while balancing that with having a social life.

“My freshman year I struggled with that,” Lee said, adding she focused too much on her social life and not her academics. “The fall semester last year was hard. In high school, I did not have to do anything.”

Kaiana Lee, 18, of Stephens City, sits inside the Delores Sekel Art Atrium area as she works on her computer between classes Monday at Lord Fairfax Community College. Rich Cooley/Daily

She is making that adjustment and is looking forward to English literature.

Kristen Ryan, 17, of Winchester, was standing outside of the main building talking to Lauren Seelinger, 18, a sophomore from Winchester and soon to be in-law when Ryan’s brother marries Seelinger’s sister.  Ryan began her day and her college school year at 8 a.m. with a class called “Student Development,” which offers an introduction to the college, the tools and the systems the school uses.

“I am a morning person anyway. It wasn’t too bad,” she said.

Ryan, who went to Lord Fairfax last year as part of dual enrollment her senior year, was comfortable and knew about where the classroom was when she walked in.

“I am excited to move forward; excited to see what I am going to like,” Ryan said.

She is considering a major in either chemistry or in the health field, she said.

Seelinger is studying social work.

“I have such a passion for this. I know so many people who grew up in rough situations. I want to give them a voice,” Seelinger said.

Lord Fairfax Community College is helping her to do that, she said.

“It is obvious the teachers here want us to succeed. They root for us,” Seelinger said.