Middletown property owners plead for help

MIDDLETOWN – Five residents who live in the area of Greenbriar Road and Third Street want the town to do something about draining issues they say threaten their homes and property.

The residents attended Monday’s Planning Commission meeting and complain about a culvert that drains stormwater from Main Street onto their properties.

Patty Sinclair showed video taken Aug. 3 of a larger volume of flowing water.

“I am not even opposed to putting drainage pipes on my property,” Sinclair said of the area of her property where she will soon be building a home. She said she is concerned that damage will occur to that home.

“This is the home where my family will live. This is the home I will sleep in,” Sinclair said.

Zoning Director Michele Snyder told Sinclair that the engineering and design of her new home should divert the water away from her home.  Sinclair said she would like to see a better plan to resolve stormwater issues.

Planning Commission member John Copeland said there was a similar issue on the other side of town as well. He asked if anyone had water coming into their homes.

Andrew Schaeffer told members that he believes a big storm would flood his home.

“If it rains for a day or two, our houses are gone,” Schaeffer said

Betty Good, who has lived in her home for 28 years, said her home is where the water pools.

“Stormwater has been an issue there for all those years,” she said.

Good said that despite complaints nothing had been done about the problem during those years. She said her family couldn’t enjoy their yard, which is frequently wet.

Commission members said they understood the property owners had an immediate need and explained that the Planning Commission is an advisory board only. They referred the property owners to Town Council and suggested they attend that panel’s next meeting on Sept. 10.