One step closer to a football field of their own

MIDDLETOWN – Stephens City Seminoles youth football organizers are one step closer to having a field to play on.

Todd Legge, senior vice president of Strasburg Midget Football and head coach of the junior division of  the Strasburg Rams, spoke at a public hearing Monday night before the Town Council meeting on behalf of moving forward with the football field

“Being involved with the Strasburg program for the past nine years, I have seen firsthand what youth sports can do for a young person,” Legge said. “The youth in the area today need positive role models and a way to learn positive life lessons. Youth football embraces the life skills of hard work, team building, responsibility, respect, sportsmanship, and learning to win with respect and lose with dignity.”

He discussed concussions and how youth football league members are required to provide coaches with a concussions clinic. They also follow a formal concussion policy, which details protocol, including removal from play and return to play guidelines.

Mike Flanagan, one of the organizers, spoke next.

“We are here for the kids. It’s something we have a passion for,” Flanagan said. “We want to teach them to be well-rounded citizens, to grow in all aspects of their lives. We are excited to be a part of it. Thank you for considering us.”

Members had no questions and quickly went through the required first two readings. A special meeting may need to be called for a third reading to make the agreement official. The league is already holding conditioning and no hit practice on the field.

Also at the meeting:

Tess Klimm, of the Middletown Heritage Society, spoke to council about the possibility of using the upstairs space of the newly renovated town hall on Church Street to display items from Middletown’s history, as well as hanging posters on the walls that would tell the history of the town.

“No one knows that Middletown had an early baseball league or an Odd Fellows Hall,” Clem said.

Town officials said they would take it up for consideration.

Attending Tuesday night’s meeting was Mayor Charles Harbaugh and council members Tom Simon, George Smith, Jeffrey Pennington, Carole Snyder Jones and Scott Fink. Absent was councilwoman Carol Aliff.