Sheriff McEathron announces retirement plans

Daniel McEathron

Warren County Sheriff Daniel McEathron will retire when his fourth term ends in November 2019.

McEathron, 57, has worked in the department 36 years, 16 of those spanning his four terms as sheriff.

“Anything over 30 years in law enforcement is a long time,” he said over the phone Wednesday.

McEathron said upon being elected in 2003, he committed himself to serve three or four terms.

“It was a goal I had set and pretty much met,” he said.

Although the election is 16 months away, he said the announcement was made to give potential candidates ample opportunity to properly campaign and earn votes.

Speaking of potential candidates, McEathron said he has met with four individuals who have expressed an interest in running. He added that he eventually hopes to endorse a candidate. 

“There’s probably going to be more than that…I’m sure they will pop up here very shortly,” he said.

He did not want to reveal the identity of the potential candidates in the event that they change their minds. In a news release, he thanked those individuals for respectfully waiting to declare their candidacies until his announcement was made. 

McEathron said he looks forward to retirement because it will allow him to spend more time with family and to pursue his hobby of restoring old cars.

In the meantime, however, McEathron said, “I will continue to provide the highest level of professionalism and accountability” citizens expect. He said it had been an honor serving the community he has lived in since 1974 and although he is retiring, he has no plans to move elsewhere.