Strasburg council set to discuss demolition of ‘Eats Stand’

The Strasburg Town Council is set to discuss at its work session today whether or not the town will demolish the “Eats Stand” in the town’s parking lot.

Town Manager Wyatt Pearson said that Milton Painter, the interim president of the Strasburg Fire Department, approached him asking if the town would approve demolishing the building. The stand is owned by the town but is maintained by the Fire Department, and the Fire Department uses the stand during its fundraisers.

Mayor Rich Orndorff said that the Fire Department did not want to continue maintaining the stand, citing financial considerations. The Fire Department voted to approve the demolition during its meeting on Monday, Orndorff said.

“It was a majority vote, overwhelming in favor of demolishing,” Orndorff said.

He said that he didn’t know the precise vote count from Monday’s fire department meeting.

In addition to being used by the fire department, the Ruritan Club and the Lion’s Club have used the stand during the annual carnival in Strasburg. Orndorff said that he reached out to both groups.

“There was some disappointment, and there was some concern, but they certainly understand the fire department’s decision,” Orndorff said.

Following Town Council’s discussion today, the Architectural Review Board is set to discuss whether or not it will approve the demolition of the building during its meeting on Thursday.

In a memo, town staff recommended that the Town Council approve the demolition on the condition that the Architectural Review Board also approves the proposed demolition.

According to the memo, the town would spend $3,000 conducting asbestos abatement on the stand prior to demolition.

Town staff would conduct the demolition themselves and Pearson did not have an estimate of how much money the demolition would cost in town staff time.

Pearson said that the town intends to pay for the demolition and asbestos abatement.

He said that he hopes to see the demolition occur before the end of the asphalt paving season because the demolition is tied to the town’s effort to pave its downtown lot.