Strasburg overhauls town website

The Town of Strasburg recently overhauled its website in a move that town officials hope will make the town’s website easier for people to navigate.

Michelle Bixler, Strasburg’s economic development and marketing manager, said there had been discussions about changing the website since she began working for the town.

“We had heard from the public and from council and even from staff’s perspective that they wanted to have the visibility online,” Bixler said.

The town started pursuing the changes when BlueKe Inc., the company that used to host the site,  started moving out of creating government websites.

The new website is more mobile-friendly than the town’s previous website.

“That was one thing that really was important to us, was being accessible,” Bixler said.

Staff members had some conceptual say over large parts of the website, including what information was on the home page.

Also, Bixler said the town could include its new branding on the site.

“This was a great opportunity for us, to get our logo out front and center,” Bixler said.

The town paid $7,500 for the design of the new website and will pay $1,800 per year for hosting. The town previously paid $1,750 per year in hosting costs.