Strasburg to discuss potential updates to Cedar Valley development

The Town of Strasburg is holding a joint Planning Commission and Town Council meeting on Wednesday to discuss potential updates to the Cedar Valley development on U.S. 11.

According to Town Manager Wyatt Pearson, the town has discussed the Cedar Valley development with its developers during the last two years. The developers have hoped to start development again on the project after plans stalled following the Great Recession.

Pearson said that the town suggested holding a discussion on potential changes to the development’s plan, so the developers can gauge how receptive the Town Council and the Planning Commission may be to the changes.

“This isn’t their submission or anything,” Pearson said. “They just want to have an informal discussion.”

Pearson said that the developers have shown the town a conceptual design of their proposed changes. But he didn’t provide details about the proposed changes, saying that he didn’t want to speak on behalf of the developers.

Pearson added that the particular form of the design the developers have shown the town makes it difficult to convey what changes the developer intends to make.

Pearson said that he didn’t know when the developers plan on submitting their final updated plans to the town.