Strasburg Town Council to discuss potential park plan

The Strasburg Town Council is set to discuss whether or not to have the town pay a consultant to create a master plan for the town’s park during their work session on Monday.

Town Manager Wyatt Pearson said that the master plan would likely focus on a part of the park above the floodplain, where the town would be able to add additional amenities.

“We’d like to perform an appropriate study to identify if there is appropriate space to accommodate those amenities, what we can handle as far as ongoing maintenance, what we need to program into our budget in order to keep up with what’s already out there,” Pearson said.

While the master plan would broadly look at the part of the town park lying above the floodplain, much of the scope of the project is still uncertain.

So, too, is the timeline, which will vary depending on the scope of the project and the consultant the town chooses.

Pearson said that the town has received a number of requests to have new amenities added to the park.

Those requests include a request for a multisport area from the Shenandoah County Soccer League and one or more inquiries about adding Frisbee golf to the park.

The master plan, he said, would help the town evaluate the consequences that adding those amenities would have for the town and for the park.

“It’s a town asset the same as water and sewer plants are and we want to make sure that it will continue to serve the citizens well into the future,” Pearson said.