Warren County School Board approves crisis plan

FRONT ROYAL — The Warren County Public Schools Board approved an updated crisis plan for the division during its work session on Wednesday.

Michael Hirsch, director of special services for the district, described the updated plan as an attempt to improve the district’s protocol for handling lockdown procedures and for dealing with students who have allergies.

“We really looked at our lockdown procedure with our active shooter drill and we collaborated with the Sheriff’s Office,” Hirsch said.

In particular, he said, the district has installed additional buzzer entries into each school and numbered all of the outside doors in each school to help the district communicate with law enforcement personnel during an emergency.

In addition, the district changed some of its policies surrounding students who have allergies.

The district used to wash and reuse rags before cleaning nut-free tables in the cafeteria, Hirsch said. Now they will use only disposable rags for cleaning the nut-free tables.

“Even the smear of peanut butter and the nut oil has been impacting the little ones,” Hirsch said.

He added that the district has epinephrine in each of the schools and that school officials sign out EpiPens for field trips to treat students if they have an allergic reaction.

Catherine Bower, Arnold Williams Jr., C. Douglas Rosen, James Wells and Donna McEathron were present at the meeting.