Shenandoah County job board goes live online

Shenandoah County job-seekers have a new resource at their fingertips – an online job board sponsored by the Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce.

The board, located at www.shenandoahcountychamber.com/Jobs, has been available for Chamber of Commerce members to post to for a couple of weeks but didn’t go live until Thursday, said Sharon Baroncelli, chamber executive director.

Dozens of jobs are available from the 16 businesses that have posted openings.

Baroncelli said the Chamber of Commerce receives lots of calls from residents looking for open positions, “especially when new residents move to the county.”

“We know there are many job board platforms on social media,” Baroncelli continued, “but this is another avenue to reach the local community. It’s more personal. It’s jobs that are right here that are open right now, and it puts them directly in contact with the folks that are hiring.”

Chamber members have free access to the job board, while non-members can post their jobs for a small fee — $50-$100 depending on the length of the copy.

Business is booming in Shenandoah County as more than 15 businesses have opened up in the past year in Strasburg alone. Business expansion has helped bring the unemployment rate in the county down to 3.3 percent — a 0.3 percent decrease from January.

Last September, Shenandoah County matched its record low for unemployment in the last nine years (3.1 percent) set in April 2017. Baroncelli said she hopes this new board can help bring the rate back down to those numbers.

“We have a large number of openings for positions in the county we would like to help our businesses fill,” she said. “Any way we can get the word out will help.”