Strasburg police arrest man on malicious wounding charge

Kenneth Ritter

The Strasburg Police Department arrested Kenneth Ritter, 48, on a charge of malicious wounding on Monday.

Police Chief Wayne Sager said that the magistrate’s office contacted the Strasburg police after receiving a request for a protective order from the victim in the case against Ritter. Sager said that the victim in the case had a punctured lung from a domestic incident.

“The victim sustained a broken rib that punctured her lung,” Sager said. “We were able to obtain some medical records to support that.”

According to a criminal complaint filed in Shenandoah County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, the victim told police that she and Ritter got into an argument “because he wanted to have sex and she said no.”

“The argument got heated to the point where Ritter grabbed her and slammed her into the couch,” according to the summary of the victim’s statement in the criminal complaint.

Ritter disputed her account, the complaint states.

“Ritter stated that he grabbed [the victim] on her shoulder and she walked away, causing her to jerk away and fall overtop (sic) of the dog into the corner of the couch,” the complaint states.

Following the incident, the victim went to the hospital. Sager said that police obtained a search warrant for the victim’s medical records, which showed that the victim broke a rib, puncturing her lung.

Because the victim sustained a broken bone, Sager said, police charged Ritter with malicious wounding rather than a lesser charge.