Strasburg, VDOT enter agreement on Borden Mowery extension

STRASBURG — The town has entered into an agreement with the Virginia Department of Transportation on a revenue-sharing grant to extend Borden Mowery Drive in the town’s industrial park.

The agreement paves the way for the town to finish designing the road’s extension.

The Town Council agreed earlier this year to have Pennoni Associates, an engineering and design consulting company,  finish a 30 percent design of the extension. But council members held off on having Pennoni finish designing the extension out of the hope that VDOT could pay for some of the design cost.

With the agreement in place, the town will now pay for half of the remaining design costs, with VDOT covering the other half.

Town Manager Wyatt Pearson said that he did not know what the costs of the design would be.

“I think that our consultant’s currently working on a price for us,” he said.

The project as a whole is estimated to cost $2.3 million between Strasburg and VDOT, according to Strasburg’s application for the grant.

The costs of the remaining portions of the project will also be split evenly between VDOT and the town, although Strasburg will not receive a reimbursement for the design costs it has already spent.

Pearson said that he didn’t have an estimate of when the design would be completed.

“As soon as possible, though,” he said.

While the planned extension of Borden Mowery Drive has progressed, Pearson said that the town is still waiting on VDOT to hear back on the progress of its streetscape grant.

“We are working with (VDOT) to be released to bid the project,” Pearson said. “It’s still in their hands.”

That grant would create a trail and sidewalk along North Massanutten Street and Old Valley Pike.