New pole dancing fitness studio aims to bring out inner goddess

The Inner Goddess Pole Studio owner Rachel Melvin, left, and fitness instructor Alexandra Gordon, right, have opened a fitness studio on East Main Street in Front Royal. Rich Cooley/Daily

FRONT ROYAL – Main Street has a new flavor that is easily spotted thanks to the neon purple lights emanating from The Inner Goddess Pole Studio.

The studio recently opened at 529 E. Main St. with a goal that owner and instructor Rachel Melvin said is right in its name – to bring out females’ inner goddess and provide an alternative to traditional gym settings.

“This facility is a place for women to come and be empowered and feel good about themselves and get out of just having to do a regular gym membership that gets boring and routine,” she said.

Melvin said the studio aims be a place of empowerment for women of all ages. So far, she said it has done just that and members’ ages have ranged from 21 to 60-plus.

Instructor Alexandra Gordon added that the studio is meant to be a safe haven for women of all sizes who may not feel comfortable in gyms.

“Being around people who are really knowledgeable in something you’re not can be really scary. We want people to have a space where they can come and do fitness and feel like they can ask us questions and learn with us and feel comfortable to do so,” Gordon said.

Classes are two hours long and kick off with stretching, followed by cardio fitness, a review of beginner pole moves, a 15-minute free period and more stretching.

“It’s a very fast-paced class. We’re doing many different things,” Melvin said.

She explained that working out on the poles is no easy task, and the classes provide a total body workout that covers the legs, core, arms, chest and back.

“There’s not one muscle that it doesn’t work,” Melvin said.

The studio has 11 poles, one of which is set aside for the instructor, and is lined with mirrors and lit by those neon purple lights. Gordon said that women come into the studio to “feel sexy and feel some sort of vibe. And as soon as you walk in you can really feel it.”

Although there may not appear to be much overhead in preparing the studio for that vibe, Melvin said about $20,000 went into buying and installing the poles and mirrors, repainting and other renovations.

While the studio may stray from other Main Street offerings, Melvin said she that there were “maybe a handful of people that tried to be negative,” that 98 percent of feedback has been positive, and “it’s just been really exciting.”

The studio is open to all women 18 and over, although Melvin said she may eventually offer classes to men. Options to join include a $70 monthly membership, which provides access to all activities; a $50 five-class deal; and a $100 10-class deal. There is also a $25 single class deal for which the fee is waived if the customer decides to purchase one of the other deals.