Public gives input on Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails project

WOODSTOCK – Town residents gave feedback Tuesday on what they want the town’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails project to look like.

Josh Orndorff, director of civil engineering for LandDesign, along with Craig George, community specialist for Village Engineering, greeted everyone at an evening public input hearing.

“We are here to give you the options that are there. We will distill it down and roll it back out to you,” Orndorff said.

One presentation board displayed pictures of various ways to connect the town, such as sidewalks to help fill in the gaps where there are none, bike paths for families and more. Another board displayed key points in the town so people could discuss what they wanted to be connected and how they wanted them connected.

“There is a lot of opportunity in the town to promote connectivity,” Orndorff said, adding that by allowing people easier access to the community they could unlock the magic of some special places.

Orndorff talked about the possible economic benefit from the project.

“If we can create as a town something that is different from the rest of the valley, we become a hub for people, such as those coming out of D.C.,” Orndorff said

The town has filed for a couple of grants to help fund the project.

Thomas Stevens, the chief park ranger of Seven Bends State Park, asked what could be done with Cemetery Road, a primary connector between the town and the park.

Orndorff replied: “Cemetery Road is one of the more difficult roads. There are a number of curves. You don’t have straight sight lines driving or biking to feel safe. We are going to have to work to find solutions.”

Town and park administrators have said they want to connect the town and the park with the paths.

“There are a lot of visitors that come to a state park; bringing them into Woodstock is key. I hope it comes to fruition,” Stevens said