EDA director’s hearing set for its original date

FRONT ROYAL – The misdemeanor case of Jennifer McDonald, Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority executive director, will not be continued from its Oct. 31 date despite a continuance request from Commonwealth Attorney Brian Madden. 

Madden recently filed the request in Warren County General District Court because a witness, former Town Manager James Michael Graham, was expected to be in southeast Asia during the hearing.

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Anna Hammond said the case would be heard on Oct. 31. She said although it is not her case, it is her understanding that Graham is now expected to be in town.

McDonald was charged in June on a misdemeanor count of filing a false police report, stemming from a June 15, 2017, incident in which a stone was thrown through her front door.

Virginia State Police Special Agent Eric Deel states in a criminal complaint that at 3 p.m. June 15 she provided an unidentified individual details of the event before it happened. In addition to the stone being thrown, he states she told this individual of a note being left behind containing phone numbers. Deel states that McDonald called the Warren County 911 Center at about 9 p.m. for an incident mirroring the description made beforehand.

He states this information was revealed during a Front Royal Police Department investigation into a May 2017 break-in at the EDA’s Kendrick Lane office during a June 16 interview with the individual she allegedly told prior to calling 911.

Warren County Supervisor Tom Sayre has filed a $25,000 civil suit against McDonald in which he alleges that she put his number on the note and planted it in attempts to frame him. That matter is slated for a Nov. 16 hearing in General District Court.