Kitty needs new fetch partner

One-year-old Milo is a healthy, 10-pound kitty. Nathan Budryk/Daily

WINCHESTER – The Winchester-Frederick County SPCA is looking for a new companion for a quirky kitty.

Milo is a 1-year-old orange and white neutered male domestic short hair whose former owners were forced to surrender him due to a move.

When he was first brought in, Milo would occasionally have flare-ups of “cattitude,” said Lindie Scott, kennel supervisor for the shelter. However, thanks to work by kennel attendants, including lots of attention, he’s improved greatly.

“When he first came in, he was very grouchy,” Scott said. “Now he’s doing much better with everything and everyone. He’s affectionate. He’s good with children. He’s litter trained and he’s good with other cats, we do know that.”

Milo isn’t without his quirks, and Scott said that the cat displays several behaviors most would associate with dogs. He loves riding in cars and every now and then is up for a game of fetch.

His appearance isn’t quirk-free either. He has two different colored eyes, the result of what’s known as heterochromia. This feature occurs in some cats and has no negative health connotations. His sight is fine.

Milo is also a big fan of baths, Scott said. Cat owners worldwide can speak to the rarity of this trait.

Milo is a healthy, 10-pound kitty. The only thing that remains to be seen is how he responds to dogs, Scott said. Milo loves to play with the shelter’s kittens, but hasn’t had any experience with dogs.

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