Letter to Editor: Kudos to chamber of commerce

January 24, 2017

I would like to express my appreciation to the Front Royal/ Warren County Chamber of Commerce for their generous donation to the foster care program at Warren County Department of Social Services.

Mark Shields: Opposition’s very wrong first step

Mark Shields

January 23, 2017

In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan instructed Haley Barbour — his White House political director and a future Republican Party chairman and governor — on building a winning coalition: ”The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor.” By practicing what he preached, the Gipper carried 44 states the first time he ran and 49 states the second while helping create a new electoral group, Reagan Democrats.

Letter to the Editor: Democrats trolling for more votes

January 23, 2017

Recently Virginia Lt. Gov. Northam, a Democrat, came out in favor of giving a temporary driver’s license to people who entered this country illegally since these people cannot get a regular driver’s license due to their immigration status.

Froma Harrop: Boycotts are a form of speech

Froma Harrop

January 22, 2017

Liberals have organized a campaign to boycott Simon & Schuster over its planned publication of a book by alt-right bad boy Milo Yiannopoulos. Is this boycott a form of censorship?

Letter to the Editor: Land welfare and farm tags

January 21, 2017

I have two proposals for the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors to raise money for the upcoming fiscal year. I’m sure this will upset many, but if the shoe fits, wear it.

Rich Lowry: The next JFK

Rich Lowry

January 20, 2017

The work of unraveling President Barack Obama’s legacy is underway, but even if the Trump administration and a Republican Congress reverse every last law and regulation, they won’t be able to touch the core of it.

Letter to the Editor: Selfie president

January 20, 2017

What a horrible, hateful, disparaging column by Mona Charen on President Obama (“Goodbye to selfie president” in Monday’s paper).

Letter to the Editor: Why won’t Trump show tax returns?

January 20, 2017

Although I am not a reporter I am interested in our president-elect’s income tax returns, his business investments as well as his ownership in ventures in other countries. His previous explanation for not releasing this information during the campaign was that the requested returns were being audited by the IRS. Now his reason for withholding the data is that “only the reporters care.”

Commentary: Will love truly trump hate?

January 20, 2017

This Saturday, the day after Trump’s inauguration, The Women’s March is attracting masses of women and men to marches in Washington, D.C., in every state in the union and in nearly 60 countries around the world. Could this be the silver lining to Donald Trump’s election? Is this evidence that the message of hate has not overcome the power of love?

Commentary: The new order

January 19, 2017

Some Americans were happy with electing a flawed leader with a dubious relationship with the truth. After years of inattention, exaggerations or outright lies by segments of the media, and enabled by players eager for an advantage, many voters were ready to suspend belief and latch onto anyone who signaled change.

George F. Will: The waterbeetle of American politics

George F. Will

January 18, 2017

WASHINGTON — Leaving aside the missing element of grace and the improbability of his ever stopping to think, Donald Trump is the waterbeetle of politics. His feral cunning in manipulating the masses and the media is, like the waterbeetle’s facility, instinctive. The 72 days of transition demonstrated a stylistic seamlessness with his 511 days of campaigning, which indicates that the 1,461 days of his term that begins Friday will be as novel as his campaign was.