Letter to the Editor: Don’t ignore evidence supporting marriage

November 26th, 2014

Concerning Gene Rigelon’s rebuttal to Kitty Martz on the Northern Virginia Daily Opinion page, he pontificates that we should not use the Bible as our guide for opposing homosexual marriage due to a lack of evidence verifying its claims, then conveniently ignores several thousand years of evidence supporting the union of one man to one woman.

Letter to the Editor: Add an amendment to U.S. Constitution

November 26th, 2014

We would lessen some of our immigration “anchor babies” problems with one small amendment to our U.S. Constitution.
“…children born in the continental United States and its territories are automatically citizens of the United States if at least one of their parents is a U.S. citizen…”

Andy Schmookler: Letting money buy power corrupts our money system, too


November 25th, 2014

In its opinion in Citizens United, the Republican-appointed Supreme Court majority pretended it wasn’t true. But every sane person knows otherwise: allowing unlimited money to flow into our election process corrupts our democracy. “One person, one vote” gets replaced by “one dollar, one vote,” which means that the increasing inequalities of wealth in America subvert the democratic idea of equality of political voice among all citizens.

Mark Shields: The end of an admirable era

Mark Shields

November 24th, 2014

After 42 years of steadfast service to his country, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Ralph E. Rigby recently retired from the U.S. Army. More memorable than the official celebration ceremony, which rightly marked the end of this loyal American’s service, was the national policy that made his career possible. Ralph Rigby was almost certainly the last soldier on active duty who had been drafted into military service.

Scott Rasmussen: Checks, balances, loopholes

Scott Rasmussen

November 23rd, 2014

The New York Times recently ran an op-ed column calling for the end of midterm elections. Since the column was posted on the eve of a midterm election leading to record Republican gains, many readers presumably just rolled their eyes and chalked it up to the Times being opposed to anything that helps Republicans.

Commentary: Not joining is choice, not a lack of hospitality

November 21st, 2014

Recently an article was posted in local newspaper and in a commentary column in the Northern Virginia Daily by Roger Barbee. Both articles raised the concern in our communities addressing the needs of the homeless. Both sought more involvement from our community in addressing this crucial need. Then both articles raised the question of “why aren’t churches doing more for the homeless?” As a pastor of a local church, I would like to respond.

Letter to the Editor: Extraordinary proof has not been given

November 21st, 2014

I have no doubt about the sincerity of letter writer Kitty Martz’s beliefs but she cannot use circular logic by quoting the Bible to prove it is inspired by God. There is no credible evidence that backs that claim. To be valid, such extraordinary claims must be backed by extraordinary proof and extraordinary proof has not been given. If such proof does ever come to light backed by plausible scientific explanations, I will be more than happy to change my opinion on the matter of gay marriage. Until then, one must not use the Bible to support legislation to oppose the right of people to marry the one they love.

Letter to the Editor: Thankful for support

November 20th, 2014

On behalf of the Fellowship Committee for Special Events at Shenandoah Valley Westminster-Canterbury (SVWC), we want to thank our board trustees, residents, staff, friends of SVWC, and the local businesses that helped make our 2014 Fall Fashion Show a successful event.

Froma Harrop: End of the game on immigration reform

November 19th, 2014

President Obama’s plan to bypass Congress in shielding millions of immigrants from deportation is not the best way to do immigration reform. But if confrontation is what it takes to get House Republicans off their rear ends and deal with the problem, so be it.

Michael Barone: Where the polls went wrong — and maybe, why

November 19th, 2014

Were the polls wrong? It’s a question asked after every election. Sometimes, as in 1948, the answer seems as obvious as the answer to the question, “Why did Custer lose at Little Bighorn?” Sometimes the answer is less obvious, as it is this year.

Jonah Goldberg: Democrats’ loss is not a win for Hillary Clinton

November 19th, 2014

In the old Soviet Union, Kremlinologists would read the state party newspaper Pravda not so much for the news it contained, but to glean what the commissars wanted readers to believe the commissars were thinking. The closest we have to that in America is the New York Times. Obviously, it’s not a state organ and there are many fine journalists there, but it does play a similar role for the Democratic Party, often reporting less on what Democrats actually think and more on what Democrats want readers to believe is the current state of Democratic thinking.