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Whenever I am on Route 11, I try to pick up the Daily. Being a lifelong history buff and re-enactor, I am upset to read about the condemning of the Taylor Hotel.

Its being one of the main focus points of the Civil War in Winchester, if you want to bring people downtown or people on history tours to shop, eat out, etc., restore the Taylor Hotel.

The reason the roof fell in was because of blight. Over the years I had visited a few historic cities in America and Europe where they embrace, promote and restore their history. They get a lot of taxes from the profits.

Only in Northern Virginia we seem to pave over and discard history. Maybe the Taylor Hotel will be the first to be rebuilt. Then the idea will trickle down Route 11 south and other towns will rebuild their historic buildings and save our cultural heritage.

I do not want to walk by a modern building with a sign on it that says this is where the Taylor Hotel used to be.

1121 Arlington Blvd.
Apartment 219N
July 24, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


The following is an e-mail message I sent to our Rep. Goodlatte on July 5:

“Mr. Goodlatte

“I am hereby requesting a personal reply and explanation of where you stand on the health-care reform debate. I support a single-payer system not unlike Medicare (as do the vast majority of Americans). If you do not support a single-payer system, I am asking for an explanation as to why not. What kind of system do you support? Also, I am requesting that you divulge the total dollar amount of contributions you receive specifically from the insurance and health-care industries.

“I will await your reply and answers.

“Thank you

“Jonathan Rose”

Thus far my letter hasn’t been acknowledged. I’ll keep you posted as to Mr. Goodlatte’s reply.

If health-care reform is important to you and your family, know that, as we speak, the insurance industry is spending more than $1 million a day on lobbyists in Washington, D.C., to try to neutralize any real reform that would cut into their enormous profits. Their business is making money. Lots of it. Not making us well.

If you care, take three minutes and call your congressman and senators and demand they take a stand.

46 Calamus Lane
July 10, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


It strikes me funny that back in the ’60s we let one woman take prayer out of the classroom. Drugs became more rampant than they were, gays and lesbians came out of the closet and got rights and recognition. It is commonplace to hear of drive-by shootings. Gangs don’t fear the law anymore but rather laugh at it, etc.

And people say that if God is so loving, why does he let so many bad things happen? We have let people push God out of America. America is one of the finest countries to live in, but we are now letting it go downhill.

If God is so bad, how come other so-called gods do nothing? Is everyone so afraid of our God?

In other countries people fight for the rights that we as Americans are born with. In China Christians are put in prison and have to worship in secret. A North Korean woman was put to death the other day by the North Korean government for handing out Bibles.

So stand up and not only be seen, my fellow Christians, but be heard.

Rick Randall
204 Wolf Gap Road
July 29, 2009