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Northern Virginia Daily


We all know that Michael Vick was given a second chance to play football in the NFL. To some folks that was wrong -- that he shouldn't get a second chance because of the dog-fighting thing.

To those folks I say this, go get your Bible, turn to the book of Genesis where Adam and Eve disobey God and were chased out of the garden of Eden. You know the rest.

In the New Testament where God sends his son into the world to pay for our sins, God gave us a second chance for eternal life. But supposing God like most of you folks would have said no second chances. Then what?

Everyone needs a second chance including you. Because we all got a second chance from God I thank him for that and so should you.

391 Rolly Road
Mt. Jackson
Aug. 27, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


I am a senior and have been for a while now. I also have an adequate private insurance plan to supplement my Medicare.

In all probability I would not change my plan as it is, but I do support the president's health-care plan with a strong public option because I believe it is good for our country.

Streamlining paperwork, eliminating waste, focusing on wellness and prevention, controlling insurance companies' incentives to limit or deny coverage and closing the Medicare prescription "doughnut hole" will not only provide better health care for all but will actually strengthen Medicare for seniors.

Please urge your representative in Congress to support the president's plan.

Jim Berry
700 S. Washington St.
Sept. 3, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


As adults we all understand teenage love because we've all been there, done that. As parents we've been there when our own teens went through this sometimes difficult and frustrating time.

Most of us handled it or suffered through it as best we could. Very few, if any of us, ever considered dealing with it by committing cold-blooded, premeditated murder. In my opinion, that is exactly how Jody Lynn Bradley chose to deal with it.

This case reeked from the very beginning. Twisted, unnatural obsession with one's own daughter comes to mind and rage, jealousy and hate directed toward anyone or anything that got in the way of this obsession, including family pets that ended up either missing or dead.

Enter the innocent Brendon Barker. Teenage love -- fleeting yet powerful while it lasts. A typical teenager who only wanted to spend time with the girl he loved. A boy who, like the family pets, was perceived as a threat and who became a target for murder.

Although Bradley didn't get the acquittal he had planned for, he also didn't get the long sentence he deserved, thanks to the one juror who believed his cockamamie story. The story being that a grown man with a loaded gun in his hand feared for his life from a 16-year-old kid cornered in an attic. What a crock!

Prison will be a good place for Bradley. Most cons, no matter what their own crime, don't like child killers. It is hoped that Bradley will meet one or two or five or 10 of these guys while he's in there.

The criminals of this world don't always get the punishment they deserve, but what goes around comes around and in the end: People who do terrible things to others usually get what's coming to them, one way or another.

212 Maurertown Mill Road
Sept. 1, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


It is not surprising, even predictable, that John Fusto (letter, Aug. 19 issue) resorts to the same old time-worn bogus McCatharthyite right-wing charge of communism/socialism against those who dare to advocate for social justice for the working class.

These same tactics were used by conservatives against those "dastardly" liberals who had the foresight to pass Social Security and Medicare, two of the most successful government programs ever that provide a much-needed safety net for our seniors.

As Yogi Berra would say, it's déjà vu all over again, as we witness the same right-wing smear campaign instigated by the Insurance and pharmaceutical companies and promoted by the bought-and-payed-for politicians on both sides of the isle. It didn't stop the passage of Medicare and it won't stop the passage of the much-needed reform of our broken health-care system.

The misinformation and outright lies thrown out in order to kill any reform are astounding. Equally astounding is how much of the American public swallows such garbage, especially many of our seniors who enjoy the best in health care through a single-payer government program.

Medicare is not socialized medicine. It is a single-payer system funded and regulated by the government. The services, including the processing of claims, are provided for by the private sector, which also offers so-called Medigap policies to cover the deductibles and co-insurance not covered by Medicare. It is a perfect example of how government and the private sector can work together to provide the best health care that the medical community has to offer.

What we have here is a matter of choice. Seniors already have the choice of opting out of traditional Medicare and going with a private plan known as Medicare Advantage (HMO, PPO or private fee-for-service). The rest of Americans deserve no less. Health-care reform must include a public option in order to provide that choice.

Finally, as for me, it is just the right thing to do. If that makes me a liberal, I take it as a compliment.

Gene Rigelon
1117 T-Bird Drive
Front Royal
Sept. 1, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


What a shock to learn of the farce of a trial for a child of 16 years. Brendon Barker may not have been where he should have been, but he did not deserve a death sentence. His murderer surely did deserve it.

It is so horrifying to realize that such an injustice could take place in the United States of America. Brendon's great-grandfather, Desmond Christopher Young, came here from Dublin, Ireland, at the age of 23. He came to America to have a better life for himself and his future family. Thank God he has died and did not have to witness the sad, sad chapter in his family's life.

The only consolation our family has is that God will hold Brendon in the hollow of his hand and unite him with his family members who have gone before him.

My sister, Karen McMichael, requested our family members send our thoughts to you. We just wanted to let people know they should all be outraged at this sentencing. Just think about it, this could happen to one of your family members one day.

Don't just accept this.

Catherine Amjad
12673 Alswell Lane
St. Louis
Aug. 31, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


On Saturday, Sept. 12, our Shenandoah Riverkeeper will hold his annual fundraiser at the Low Water Bridge Campground in Bentonville.

This will be an evening full of fun, food, good music provided by the group Allegheny Blue and an opportunity to meet Jeff Kelble, our riverkeeper, and lots of like-minded volunteers and people who have joined Jeff in his efforts.

Come join us. You'll also have an opportunity to fish with some of the finest fishing guides in the Virginia as well.

We are especially excited to have acclaimed Virginia author Bruce Ingram joining us and you will be able to purchase his books, and have them personally signed by the author himself. The Shenandoah Riverkeeper will receive $2.50 of each book purchased.

So please come out and help support our riverkeeper and his organization. After all, it's our river and Jeff is helping to clean it up and keep it that way. Hope to see you there.

Herschel Finch
310 Oak Ridge Court
Front Royal
Sept. 6, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


As a mother, an elementary school teacher and a community volunteer, I was dismayed to read the views of Bob McDonnell, Republican candidate for Virginia governor, regarding women in the workforce. His ideas sound like they come from the 1940s, not the late 1980s.

At 34 years old, and just two years before he started his career as a state legislator, McDonnell wrote his graduate thesis linking society's ills to modern trends in family life, most importantly the materialism of mothers who work.

As a teacher, I agree that children benefit in many ways from close relationships with parents, fathers and mothers both, but most parents have to work. And those who choose to work can set an example for their children of balancing career aspirations and home life.

It's not easy, of course. So how does it help anyone to vote against gender equity in pay, as McDonnell has done? Doesn't it make more sense to support all working parents with good job opportunities, high quality child care and excellent public schools?

Instead, Bob McDonnell seems to want every family to fit his narrow, ideological picture of family life. That's clear from his thesis and his voting record.

I'm happy for him if he's been able to order his household in the way he sees fit. My household has been very different, but with no shortage of joy and success and giving back to the community.

Why should I vote for someone who thinks my family is a burden to society because I work?

Patricia Hynes
1650 Bentana Way
Sept. 5, 2009

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