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Five years ago, we adopted a 6-year-old named Casey. When we adopted him, we knew that he had a heart murmur. Being good parents, we have had his local doctor monitor him every year at six-month intervals.

At his last checkup, it was recommended that we take him to a heart specialist in Harrisonburg. On July 7 he had diagnostics that included X-rays and a specialized blood test. His X-rays revealed a mass near his heart that might be an enlarged lymph node or a tumor.

In the following two weeks, Casey went on vacation with us. While on vacation, Casey's specialist called and told us that she had set up an appointment for an MRI on July 29. In the interim, Casey returned to his specialist on July 28 and had additional X-rays and blood work to ensure his safety when he underwent his MRI.

On July 29, we had an 8:15 a.m. appointment. We were seen at 8:15. After a routine exam, Casey had his MRI and was ready to return home at 12:30 p.m. On our way back to Luray, we stopped in Harrisonburg and returned his X-rays to his specialist. Amazingly, the specialist had already received his diagnosis from the hospital. We were told that Casey had an enlarged left ventricle to his heart that was treatable with medication.

So in three weeks, we went from the unknown to the known. If you haven't guessed yet, Casey is our senior citizen dog.

When I need medical help under Obama's health-care plan, I plan to visit my local vet.

23 Murchison Lane
Sept. 2, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


I am getting tired of older people implying that the younger generations are stupid when it comes to political issues, from same-sex marriage to voting for Obama.

Life has changed considerably, there is no doubt. Live with it and stop the blaming. It's called evolution. Look it up in the dictionary. (Yes, we youngins know how to use one.)

Like many others my age or younger, we are proud to live in an era where we don't have to follow our parents' religion. We can find our own path in life. A time when if I were gay that I could live my life to the fullest, including getting married and having or adopting children. How a person chooses to live his life, as long as it's in harmony, should not have anything to do with Christian marriage beliefs. It is their fear that causes close-mindedness and hate crimes.

Times change and people adapt to the times. One hundred years ago would anyone believe that women would be able to vote or that our president would be African-American?

I just hope that by the time I become a senior the restrictions on what the way of life for all Americans should be have been seriously updated to this era.

This is in response to a comment Aug. 26 by Michael Barone in the Daily and "Opposing Gay Unions with Sanity and a Smile" in The Washington Post on Aug. 28.

2041 Alum Springs Road
Sept. 3, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Re: The recent epidemic outbreak of town hall meetings, tea parties, ad nauseum:

I would suppose that they are mutations of the swine flu?

Well sir,

Some folks believe in Allah.

Some folks believe in Jesus.

Others, in Buddha.


I believe in the late H.L. Mencken: "No one ever went broke overestimating the stupidity of the American public."

489 Hamilton Circle
Front Royal
Aug. 5, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when my son didn't get to hear President Obama's speech, broadcast from my alma mater, Wakefield High School, on Tuesday, but I wasn't surprised.

I was surprised and dismayed, however, to read in The Northern Virginia Daily that Shenandoah County Public Schools would "review" the speech before deciding whether or not our students should hear it later.

Then last night my dismay turned to outrage when I got a recorded call from the superintendent of Shenandoah County Public Schools, Keith Rowland, advising me that, after review, the schools have decided to air the speech after all. However, he wanted to make sure I knew I could protect my child from the words of the elected president of the United States of America if I sent in a note.

Since when do the schools need to shield students from the words of the president? Is the Republican Party running the Shenandoah County Public School system now? Mr. Rowland, shame on you.

Jeanne Russell
110 N. Main St.
Sept. 10, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


So now we have the president's latest attempt at convincing us that his "plan" will save us money and increase the level of care.

Congressman Wilson was correct when he stood up and called the president a liar. The plain facts are that all citizens will be required to enroll. Why? Because much like Social Security, they need young people, who wouldn't otherwise enroll, to pay the premiums so they can provide care to seniors.

The House version of the plan clearly provides for health care to illegals. Congressman Wilson knows this because he has read the bill.

Private insurance companies will be put out of business due to government competition. Government will undercut the cost of private insurance and they will lose business. Employers will dump their employees into the public system to save money. The nature of business in a capitalist society is to reduce costs.

Most insurance companies already cover preventative care. Mine does. Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield does. Did you ever wonder why insurance companies don't cover pre-existing conditions? Because a pre-existing condition, by any logical argument, is no longer a risk. Rather, it is a certainty. Making insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions is no longer insurance against potential illness; it is a subsidy for a known loss.

Subsidizing the cost of illness, rather than insuring against its occurrence, will not bring down costs and make care more available. A look at these systems in other countries tells the tale. Any government-run system will ultimately resort to rationing to survive. In Great Britain the so-called "death panels" operate under the acronym of "NICE." Think we won't have that here? Think again.

I don't think this speech helped his cause. If you dissect what he said and try to put reasonable answers to the questions raised by his many lies, you can't. As one person put it, "This was not, to put it kindly, a speech that was directed at thinking people."

James E. Irre
221 Lower Valley Road
Sept. 10, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


I feel the need to write this letter concerning Brendon Barker.

I don't feel that justice was done for him or his family. Only nine years for the murderer Jody Lynn Bradley for taking a young boy's life at 16 years of age with no remorse for what he did. Bradley had other choices, but he did not make them.

There seem to be a lot of people who do not agree with the verdict. I think a lot of these people should also write a letter to the editor about this crime and injustice concerning Brendon Barker's family.

None of these jurors must have children. And whoever is responsible for this sentencing for this horrible death should be ashamed for giving Bradley only nine years in prison. I hope these people have to live with this sentencing the rest of their lives. Just think about your own children and to have their life taken away like young Brendon's was.

My heart goes out to Gene and Janeen and sister Ryan.

268 Stickley St.
Sept. 8, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


I am Brendon Barker's great aunt, Prudence Young. My family is outraged at the results of the trial.

How can this happen? A young life is snuffed out and the murderer only receives a sentence of nine years. Where is the justice in this?

We will always remember you, Brendon. You were loved by many.

Prudence Young
4610 Linden Ave.
Baltimore, Md.
Sept. 8, 2009

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