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Northern Virginia Daily


Why do I support Mark Prince for District 5 supervisor?

Honesty, integrity, patriotism, service to country, family values, intelligent, hard-working are just a few words that come to mind.

Mark Prince took on the "establishment." Due in large part to his courage and determination in bringing all the facts related to the proposed site to light, the regional jail will not be located in Toms Brook.

Dennis Morris was promoting the Toms Brook property then. His empty "no" vote now does not change the facts.

Knowing the difference between right and wrong and acting appropriately is at issue. Instead of the Board of Supervisors asking for Morris' resignation when his dealings with Chuck Maddox and conflict of interest concerns were brought to light, they have only seen fit to stonewall concerned citizens by operating behind closed doors, withholding information and filing a lawsuit against a patriot much like the British attacking James Madison and friends for declaring independence.

Don Litten would have us believe that he is an independent thinker and savior of the legal system by filing suit against Mark Prince. I see this lawsuit as an abuse of power and an attack on freedom of speech.

The only career politician who is being promoted by the legal system is Dennis Morris. For me it only reinforces why we need to vote for Mark Prince. The "establishment" is out of control.

Had the Board of Supervisors acted responsibly and been responsive to its constituents' concerns and requests, the Freedom of Information Act suit filed by Mark Prince would not have been necessary and there would have been no legal expenses on either side.
The right thing to do on Nov. 3 is to elect Mark Prince to the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors, so that all voices can be heard and decisions are made with the county's best interests in mind -- not just the interests of a select few.

2017 Mt. Olive Road
Toms Brook
Oct. 20, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Ken Cuccinelli, a fellow Virginian and graduate of George Mason, has served in our state Senate for three terms. He knows Virginia's needs. As a husband and father of seven, he also understands what it takes to raise a family in today's world. He wants the best for his family and yours.

As attorney general Ken Cuccinelli will have the authority, motivation and intellect to defend Virginia's rights in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution reserves all rights not specifically given to the federal government for the states and the people. Yes, states have rights and it is the attorney general's duty to defend them.

When bad laws are legislated that are contrary to these rights, the attorney general can challenge them in the court so they can be declared unconstitutional. Can it happen? It has happened.

Supreme Court Justice White appointed by Roosevelt was the deciding vote in the court that declared the most radical of Roosevelt's New Deal laws unconstitutional.

Ken Cuccinelli has promised to defend Virginia's small business community, Cuccinelli has said he will go after unconstitutional taxes and regulations. If he is elected, successful small businesses and the jobs they create will have a defender. If someone without this determination is elected, small businesses, along with all the jobs they provide, will continue to erode.

He has promised to enforce the immigration laws in Virginia and make this an issue with the federal agencies here. This will also help to open up the job market.

We need an attorney general committed to actually fighting for Virginia, to protect our citizens from harm and protect our businesses environment.

I urge you to vote for Ken Cuccinelli for attorney general and pray that God gives us good and courageous politicians to change the disastrous direction our country is heading.

20 Gloucester Road
Front Royal
Oct. 5, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


I am writing to support Dennis Morris for county supervisor.

I first got to know Dennis when he was an officer in the FFA, the Future Farmers of America, at Strasburg High School. I was a U.S. forester who taught FFA members forest management and how to fight forest fires. The early leadership skills Dennis developed in FFA are still needed in our county today.

Decades later I retired as a forester and managed the erosion and sediment control program for our county. Meanwhile, Dennis had progressed to leadership roles in county government. I learned that Dennis appreciates that farmers and landowners are some of our best stewards of the land. When issues arose, he supported positive and educational approaches as the way to solve problems.

Over the decades I noticed and appreciated that Dennis does not jump to conclusions but takes the time to listen to all sides of an issue. I have personally seen that, even as a young man, Dennis treated everyone with courtesy and respect.

I endorse Dennis for his support of farmers, maintaining country values and his unwavering dedication to the community.

6173 Back Road
Oct. 20, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Strasburg residents can be glad that the commonwealth's government has come through with funding for replacing old low-water bridge on Deer Rapids Road. They might also take it as food for thought: This is a prime example of that "wasteful government spending" Republican candidates are so worked up about. Yes, that much-needed bridge is indeed being paid for with -- taxpayer dollars.

Of course, there are a few other projects around here that could use some funding. The new South Fork Bridge. The western extension of Va. 37. The new high school in Clarke County. The regional jail. The list gets pretty long.

"It all depends on funding," says VDOT's Ed Carter.

Hmm. When you say "funding" instead of "spending," it sounds different somehow.
Republicans keep chanting, "Spending! Spending! Spending!" as if it were all being splashed out for ice cream and chocolate cake. They don't want to admit that taxpayers' money is being spent for things taxpayers want and need. They are so stuck in their "government-is-bad" rut that they can't admit the government is doing things that have to be done.

What, rebuild the roads and bridges that have been neglected so long? Who needs it? Wasteful spending! Those VDOT workers make too much money anyway. Pay teachers and police officers a decent wage? Hey, they're public-spirited folks. They should be happy to risk their lives and sanity just for the honor of serving the public. A new fire engine? Those things cost money. Let 'em hold a bake sale.

Yeah, everybody's against government spending -- except when it's for something you need yourself. Then it becomes "funding."

People really need to think long and hard about what's going to happen to the things they need when a Republican becomes governor again.

Is that Deer Rapids bridge still going to be built? Don't bet on it. That would be "spending." All those other projects we need so much around here? Hoo, boy. Going to take a lot of bake sales.

Or you could vote for Creigh Deeds. Because that's what Virginia really needs. Deeds, not words.

Alexander Mackay-Smith IV
207 Raven Road
Stephens City
Oct. 22, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Any person willing to run for an elective office should be thanked. They are contributing to the American form of government. When a candidate, incumbent or first-timer, asks for your vote, he is making a contract with you. He is asking you to trust that he will make decisions to spend your money frugally and wisely.

Spending citizens' money, particularly money not yet earned, is the most intrusive and delicate part of representative government. The voter must trust that the representatives' decisions will be right and not bankrupt the community.

Now is the time when voters in Districts 4 and 5 can decide if they have been represented correctly. Their supervisors' decisions have committed nearly 100 million tax-dollars, yet to be earned, for new projects and plans to spend more if they are re-elected.

The incumbents' ability to spend your money has been proven.

Elections should be about representatives voting on your behalf. It should not be about friends or family or employers.

Representing others is a difficult but high honor.

The current spending spree by Shenandoah County supervisors makes it clear. They will spend your money, your children's money and even money your grandchildren will have to earn. Citizens, you know how they will vote if re-elected.

It is time for a new team of solid conservatives.

Vote for Mark Prince, District 5.

Write in Cindy Bailey, District 4.

Kim Rinker
185 Wolverton Road
Oct. 18, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


The citizens of Shenandoah County District 5 have a critical decision to make on our local representation this Election Day.

Mark Prince and Dennis Morris represent very differing views of how the citizens of Shenandoah County should be represented by their Board of Supervisors and the way the board should operate.

There is a lot to be said for being a team player, when the team is headed in the right direction. But during the past 30 years the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors has made decisions that have not addressed the best interest of our county.

Mark Prince is not a politician -- this is the first time he's run for public office. What Mark Prince is, though, is a man who will stand up for the high principles that I believe we in Shenandoah County hold dear. He is committed to the Golden Rule, his family and America, and has served each well.

Many of us "outsiders" would consider ourselves blessed to have been born in this valley, but since we weren't, we did the next best thing and chose to spend our lives here. We care deeply about the heritage and promise of our area.

I know Mark Prince work very hard for the people of District 5, young, old and in-between, people in town and in the countryside, our people who have special needs and our people who have talents to share as volunteers.

I urge you to contact him if you have questions about what he can do to help us. I can tell you this much: He knows it will take extraordinary effort to work effectively in the current environment, and he's willing to put for that effort.

We need to start doing our part to help make a difference in our Shenandoah County government too.

Voting for Mark Prince Nov. 3 is our chance to step forward. He's offering another voice to be heard in open discussions -- not business as usual behind closed doors.

2017 Mt. Olive Road
Toms Brook
Oct. 20, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Virginians deserve better. As former Gov. Mark Warner told us when his four years ran out, our state was in good shape, that we had a surplus and really it was not. His lieutenant governor, Timothy M. Kaine, now our governor, has done nothing but raise taxes and cut the budget.

We face some serious challenges in Virginian today. Candidate Bill Bolling for lieutenant governor has the experience to cut wasted spending and opposed raising taxes on small businesses.

Bob McDonnell, during the past two years voted the legislator of the year, will create jobs and will be a qualified, full-time governor.

State Sen. Kenneth I. Cuccinelli, a candidate for our next attorney general, stands for faith and family and will have the chaplains of the police force in our state to be able to say "Jesus" in their prayer.

I have met all three humble men working to free the unborn and for the unit of marriage. They will give us the leadership we need to vote for on Nov. 3.

301 N. Cameron St.
Oct. 19, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


We endorse Karen Whetzel for election to the Shenandoah County School Board. Her 25 years of teaching (1971-1996) in New Market Elementary, Ashby-Lee Elementary and Central High School, plus her 12 additional years (1996-2008) as assistant principal at Strasburg High School and principal at Stonewall High School, unquestionably make her the best candidate for election to the Shenandoah County School Board.

The undersigned, as education volunteers at Stonewall Jackson High School over the past several years, have great admiration for Karen's leadership and knowledge of the education system. As principal, she encouraged a strong ethos among teachers, administrators, students and volunteers. She fostered a sense of communication among all educators and students that instilled a love of learning. This type of leadership is needed on the School Board. Karen Whetzel can lead in that spirit.

We have witnessed situations that reflect Karen Whetzel's sensitivity to the needs of teachers, students and parents. Teachers need to be fully supported both financially and administratively to meet the educational needs of their students. Students who have language and learning limitations need help to remain on track with their peers. Parents who are facing financial, marital or English-language challenges need understanding and support to help their children succeed in school. Karen Whetzel understands these needs and fully supports efforts to meet these needs.

We respectfully ask readers of this letter to recognize the importance of an experienced educator to be a member of the Shenandoah County School Board. We have no doubt that Karen Whetzel, based on her extensive experience in the Shenandoah County school system, will be a dedicated and inspirational member on the board, who is fully committed to the educational needs of our children.

John Slifka
Former Vice Principal
Fairfax City Schools
Barbara Fagan
Former ESL Specialist
Arlington City Schools
Jim Etgen
ESL Volunteer
P.O. Box 316
Oct. 22, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


I strongly support Dennis Morris in the upcoming elections on Nov. 3.

Dennis has been a member of our Board of Supervisors and has represented District 5 with honor and integrity. He has listened to his constituents and made decisions on our behalf.

Dennis is an example of the individuals that he represents. He is a farmer and a man of the community. Dennis serves on county committees that bring smart growth to our county. He also has experience in the agriculture and business sectors. He is an entrepreneur and has what it takes to again represent our community well.

It is important for all individuals to vote in this election for the ticket that has a plan and goals for our area. Being that Dennis is serving as a Republican and works with the other Republican candidates, he has good conservative values that we can depend on. Dennis is always willing to provide a helping hand in community activities and work to better our communities.

I look forward to seeing Dennis sit in the Board of Supervisors conference room again because I can trust him to be educated and conscientious about the decisions he is making.

I am proud to be able to vote for Dennis Morris, District 5 representative to the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 3.

80 Pine Grove Road
Oct. 21, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the candidacy of Irving "Skeeter" Getz for the District 5 School Board seat in Shenandoah County.

A resident of the county since birth, Getz is a model product of our effective education system and Valley culture that we continue to benefit from. College-educated and possessing vocational skills, he will have ample awareness of the academic needs of our youth.

As a lifelong neighbor and friend, Irving "Skeeter" has also demonstrated a strong commitment to the community and has often expressed a fervent interest in the highest and best use of taxpayer dollars.

He recently retired from more than 51 years of dedicated public service to the county, which should alone serve as a sufficient endorsement on Election Day.

8708 Back Road
Oct. 20, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


After reading arguments for weeks now on the merits of voting for one candidate or another, I felt it would be appropriate to remind voters of the Virginia General Assembly 18th District that the incumbent Del. Clay Athey is asking for his constituents to vote to re-elect him.

Clay Athey is a native of this area and has been active in politics hereabouts for years. Clay Athey served as a Front Royal Town Council member and as the Mayor of Front Royal before being elected to distinguished service as our delegate to the General Assembly.

Del. Athey has proven to be an advocate for family values, lower taxes and less government intrusion into our lives. Clay Athey has been, and will continue to be not just an acceptable representative in Richmond but an excellent one, to be sure.

Athey has always been accessible to all by phone, e-mail or personal "one-on-one" meeting.

Vote to re-elect Del. Clay Athey. He is honest and certainly an admirable representative of our 18th District.

1424 Locust St.
Front Royal
Oct. 22, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Why didn't Shenandoah County win the competition in 2006 for the new Recreational Equipment Inc. distribution center and its jobs?

REI is a uniquely public spirited company, contributing greatly wherever it operates. As a sportsman and lifelong promoter of athletics, I was disappointed when we were not chosen.

I wrote to Sally Jewell, president and CEO of REI, and later spoke to her. They had 80 communities in contention. Shenandoah County was among three finalists. Pennsylvania won.

The trump card Pennsylvania played was community involvement and spirit. Their athletic groups and supporters welcomed the company representatives at a sports fair production they organized to demonstrate how committed their people were to all things athletic.

No big secrets were kept in Pennsylvania. None of their people had to plead for Freedom of Information and ultimately get hauled into court, by their own, for it. How unfair and unfree.

The greatest asset of any country is the ingenuity of its citizens.

Patricia Botts
555 Oaktree Road
Fort Valley
Oct. 22, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


It disturbs me when perceptions of political candidates are distorted.

First of all, Ken Cuccinelli has allegedly stated that as attorney general he will support/implement only the laws he agrees with. If this is true, he is admitting that he will violate laws to satisfy his personal political philosophy. An attorney general is selected to enforce laws, not override them.

Then there is the banter that Creigh Deeds has no plans. Deeds is not going to outline an elaborate plan for transportation or anything else when he knows the money is not there and until he is in office, he will not know what his options will be.

Remember Jim Gilmore who got into office by promising to end the car tax and nearly bankrupted the state trying to do so? My, we have short memories.

Bob McDonnell is advertising plans that are a fantasy and will never solve anything. Yes, let's do sell the liquor stores to private citizens and end, once and for all, the continuous revenues from liquor sales. Duh! The idiocy of that idea is a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, we live in an age when citizens expect the best of services from their government but do not want to pay for those services. Remember, you get what you pay for.

If only the public would read and study and think, we would not continue putting people in office who do not have our best interests at heart.

Joette Bailey
107 Setting Sun Court
Oct. 23, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


The upcoming election for governor is almost as frightening as the one 12 years ago when Jim Gilmore rode to victory on a flawed promise.

Bob McDonnell is offering to provide more services and fund projects without raising additional revenues. Government spending is a zero sum game. Unless taxes are raised, program increases must be funded by cuts in other programs.

Virginia has been recognized as a well managed state by bond rating agencies, national associations and financial magazines. Election of Bob McDonnell is likely to result in an economic disaster for state finances. His expected revenues are based on faulty estimates. The promised improvements will result in the curtailment of important programs and shifting of costs which will bring tax increases by local governments.

For more than 40 years, it has been the Republican Party mantra that taxes should be reduced, although when they have control, they have significantly increased spending. Gilmore, our last Republican governor, almost bankrupted the state government with his car tax platform. Even now, almost $1 billion is committed to those tax refunds, moneys that could be going to highway construction and maintenance, education and other projects badly needed.

Bob McDonnell has run a much smoother campaign than Creigh Deeds and apparently many people have not carefully listened to and analyzed McDonnell's campaign promises. His proposal to sell the state liquor stores is not likely to garner the $500 million he states and the transfer to private ownership would remove almost $100 million annually from state revenues. He has not identified where he would find the additional funding he promises for highways. Unless he were to reduce the car tax rebates, he would have to reduce other programs such as aid to the localities and education.

One of the most outrageous attack on Creigh Deeds comes from the oil companies, a key McDonnell ally. An increase of five cents, or less, in the gas tax would be less than the price changes at the pump over one recent week.

Ed Hoole
P.O. Box 655
Oct. 25, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Creigh Deeds is not a dynamic candidate. He is not a powerful speaker nor a charismatic personality. He is simply a good, solid, thoughtful, reliable man who has a record of working quietly to get things done. He has good ideas and serious, realistic plans to help our commonwealth maintain its brief history of a solvent, well-run government.

Conversely, we can expect Bob McDonnell, if elected, to spend the next four years systematically and steadily mangling our economy, leaving our transportation system in an even worse shape and reaching out to our education resources to cover his financial missteps.

And why not? It's a tradition. Reagan/Bush left Bill Clinton with a fiscal sinkhole that he turned into a surplus; George II took that surplus and did his best to emasculate our fiscal system so we were an easy target for the recession and Obama is working mightily to correct that mess against the wishes of the "party of no." George Allen and Jim Gilmore presented Mark Warner with a legendary financial disaster that he and Tim Kaine have managed to right and to give us strength to face the current recession.

Todd Gilbert, true to form, voted against every sensible bill Warner/Kaine set before him and he fully expects to be elected again.

The pattern here is clear, dear reader, Republicans are very skillful at getting elected, but they simply cannot govern. Keep that thought in mind when you head for the polls on Nov. 3.

Donald Albright
3691 Conicville Road
Mount Jackson
Oct. 26, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


If people have yet to make up their minds on which way to vote Nov. 3, I strongly suggest they place a mark beside the name of Creigh Deeds, the only candidate in the race for governor who has his feet on the ground and his head in the real world -- a stark contrast to the wishful thinking and deceptive claims of his opponent, Bob McDonnell.

Only Creigh Deeds has put forth a realistic plan to come up with the $100 billion the commonwealth will need in the next two decades to fund the repairs and new road construction Virginia will need to maintain the highway system through which the life's blood of our economy flows.

If elected, Creigh Deeds has vowed to bring both Democrats and Republicans together to find new sources of revenue and avoid having to raid the general fund, so that meeting the pressing needs of transportation will not come at the expense of our schools, hospitals and law enforcement.

Make no doubt about it, the problem of our crowded highways will not be solved without finding new sources of revenue and it is not "socialism" when that money is used to replace an aging and crumbling bridge on Route 522.

What is Bob McDonnell's big idea to fund road construction? Sell off Virginia's liquor stores and pray the economy booms so much in the next year that the billions just roll into Richmond's coffers. Has anyone pointed out to Bob McDonnell that selling off ABC stores would only be a one-time windfall for the commonwealth (which hypocritically would necessitate higher taxes on beer, wine and hard liquor to replace the annual revenue the state nets from alcohol sales) and, considering recent events, isn't it a little too soon to start trusting in excessively rosy economic forecasts?

So on Nov. 3, vote Creigh Deeds for governor, and while you're at it, vote for Jody Wagner for lieutenant governor, Steve Shannon for attorney general and in the 15th District, John Lesinski for delegate.

Fred Schaefer
24 Water St.
Oct. 25, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


I am writing to tell you why I am voting for Dennis Morris.

I really don't care if Morris is a lifelong resident of Shenandoah County. What he has done for this county since becoming a board member is what matters. Morris is a fair and decent, hard-working man who I believe cares about this county and the citizens who live here.

Not all of us are perfect and I am sure Morris never has pretended to be, but some of the rumors I hear are just rumors. All I ever hear from Mark Prince is about suing the board members and Vince Poling.

Morris is a man who knows you by name and always ask about your family members. He is a big supporter of our Shenandoah County animal shelter, which is something I doubt Mark Prince even realizes is here.

Prince wants to put the board meetings on video and live Webcam. What do you think that is going to cost the taxpayers? These meeting are posted on the county Web site for anyone who wants to read them. I feel this is a waste of money.

Morris has gone door to door talking to people. I have yet to see Prince at my door. That speaks volumes to me because I feel he thinks we know enough about him to go and vote for him.

My vote goes for the best person for the job and that is Dennis Morris.

Robin Bradfield
351 Smoot Road
Oct. 24, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Why is it some Republicans (e.g., Retired Senior Master Sgt. Ron Orndorff, letter, Oct. 25, issue) are unable to state a point of view without resorting to personal cheap shots and name-calling? Is it lack of substance to their thinking? Are they only able to articulate their position on issues by parroting the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly?

Interesting that I would automatically identify the writer as a Republican -- Sgt. Orndorff doesn't state it anywhere in his letter. Must be that the Republican modus operandi was so evident in his otherwise empty comments.

I fail to see what can be accomplished by calling the president the "Chicago idiot" and his aides "Marxists" or how such childish language can be considered effective in supporting a position on an issue, regardless of the position one chooses to take on the issue.

Sgt. Orndorff, and those like him, must have been at recess during high school debate class where you learned that you're more likely to prevail in a debate by relying on facts, figures and substantive knowledge than on cheap shot buzz words, clich├ęs and sound bites.

In his defense, I have to admit that Sgt. Orndorff, having apparently either been overcome with a fit of vitriol in rebutting a letter written by Janet Brome, or perhaps being incapable of presenting a cogent argument in defense of his views, at least maintained a "pro-life" ("pro-life" in quotations because these folks also support unrestricted gun ownership and the war in Iraq -- or any other war that happens along -- that's pro-life? Last I heard, guns and wars kill people ...) stance by stopping short of suggesting the president's mother should have had an abortion and simply suggested she should have "remained a virgin."

Unfortunately, it appears that either the Daily editors agree that spiteful personal comments constitute quality journalism, are fearful of violating a writer's First Amendment rights by choosing not to publish such garbage or are worried the Daily will be labeled a "Marxist" puppet of the Obama administration if it doesn't.

Barbara Pogue
305 W. Fairchild Drive
Oct. 25, 2009

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